Turkish Airlines Decides to Acquire New Aircraft...

Turkish Airlines to buy 30 Airbus 320 family planes, 20 jets definite and 10 jets are with options.

The Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines, Turkey's flag carrier, said on Monday it will buy 30 airplanes from Airbus, 20 of them definite and 10 of them optional, as part of its fleet-expansion plan of 105 new aircraft that was announced previously. According to the decision of the Board Directors, 14 jets of A321-200 jets and 6 jets of A319-100 will be purchased.

The new aircraft will be delivered to Turkish Airlines in the years of 2011-2012. The Board of Directors has also made a decision to place an order for purchase of 10 planes of A319/A321, all with options, to be procured in the year 2013.

The number of single aisle jets in the fleet of Turkish Airlines will increase to 126 and the number of twin aisle aircraft will rise to 36 between 2010 and 2012 with the procurement of these new jets. The total number of aircraft in the fleet of Turkish Airlines will reach the total of 168 aircraft, 6 of them freight airplane, by the end of 2012.

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17.03.2013 Updated