Turkish Airlines, Inc.

Founded in 1933 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the architect of modern Turkey, Turkish Airlines at that time had a tiny fleet of five aircraft capable of carrying a total of 28 passengers each.

The airline, which undertook its first domestic flight in 1933 and its first international flight in 1947, has now become a friendly and reliable trademark not only for the people of Turkey but for citizens of the world who choose it for their travels. As Turkey’s flagship carrier, we carry passengers through the skies of four continents with a total of 107 direct flights, 28 to destinations in Turkey and 79 to points abroad. And with the addition of 24 new international routes in 2006, we will be flying to a total of 131 destinations.

With an average age of six, our fleet is soon going to become even younger and more modernized with the addition, beginning in 2005, of the 59 new aircraft we have contracted to purchase. With the new additions, our fleet is going to expand to 100 planes in 2006. Turkish Airlines, which has developed a realistic and long-range vision in every area relating to flight services, has since its inception been a company that places supreme importance on cargo transport. With its large volume of sales and the 150,000 tons of cargo it transports annually, the Turkish Cargo service family continues to hold its own as Turkey¹s leading name in air transport.

Turkish Airlines, which aspires to be not merely a regional power but a global trademark as well, is realizing one by one all the targets it has set itself in its program, all in ongoing friendly competition with the international players in the sector. At the same time we are introducing a series of pleasant surprises through the brand new aircraft that are joining our fleet, our revolutionary innovations in cabin services, the wide range of ticket prices we are offering for our passengers benefit, and much, much more.

For Turkish Airlines believes that the travelers who choose us deserve nothing but the very best. Compelled to be different in every way owing to its historic mission, Turkish Airlines is the most popular representative of traditional Turkish hospitality in the sky. Keep your eye on Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s number one international brand name.

17.03.2013 Updated