Turkish Airlines Installs Giant Sphere at Heathrow

London's Heathrow, still the world's largest international airport, is getting a new reminder of its global importance. Turkish Airlines is adding a giant sphere to its terminal to remind visitors of the global network that the airline has developed. The display has become a new iconic display for Turkish Airlines and, with 200 destinations shown, is a graphic statement of Turkish Airlines' global reach.

The Turkish Airlines Globe has been built in a new location, created as part of the airport's renovation and was constructed using 7.5 tonnes of steel, 300 tonnes of soil and 150 tonnes of concrete. The iconic globe has a diameter of 6.5 meters and includes 5 of the carrier's flagship Boeing 777 model aircraft, with wingspans of to 2 meters, mounted on it. As part of the terminal renovations, Heathrow has created new spaces for such displays and Turkish Airlines is the first company to create a feature for this space. In the evening, the globe is illuminated, as are the aircraft and the destinations cities in the network as well.

The display provides passengers and visitors with a visual depiction of the scope and extent of the Turkish Airlines network and the 200 points to which THY flies. It adds a new dimension to recognition of the brand and is especially suited to this major airport that has long been a part of the Turkish Airlines network. It provides a powerful visual statement for THY passengers as they begin or end their journey on THY and creates a focal point the newly redesigned terminal.

Turkish Airlines, Inc
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17.03.2013 Updated