Turkish Airlines’ Official Statement

Turkish Airlines is an airline which strives to combine the hospitality and warmth of its local culture with modern sensibilities. In recent years, this innovative approach has played an important role in achieving success in the international arena and high marks for customer satisfaction.
Turkish Airlines, which has become a global leader, has been working on developing and presenting its branding and corporate identity. To this end, our business units have been in discussion with internationally recognized consulting firms as we review our processes. In addition to increasing its service quality, Turkish Airlines, which values contemporary Turkish hospitality as part of its brand perception, has been applying the same strategy in many operational aspects, such as aircraft interior designs, new catering concepts and new office designs. 

According to generally accepted practices, personnel who work in services sector, are required to be conservatively well groomed with make-up applied using pastel tones. Our current cabin uniform is also composed of muted tones with no accents of red or dark pink. Accordingly, the use by cabin crew of lipstick or nail polish in these colors impairs the visual integrity of the intended look. The facial and hand appearance of cabin crew are especially important, since the service procedures  make passengers especially aware of these grooming aspects. As a result, THY believes that a more natural presence builds better communication by presenting a more gentle demeanor. Consequently, Turkish Airlines has adopted a policy that requires service personnel to use personal grooming products that are in a more muted color palate.

Turkish Airlines, Inc.
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28.05.2013 Updated