Turkish Airlines’ sales revenue for 2011 grew by 40%,reaching to 11.8 billion TL.

2011 operating profit stood at 339 million TL.

Turkish Airlines’ 2011 consolidated financial statements were reported to Istanbul Stock Exchange. 

Along with the successul performance in the second half of the year, Turkish Airlines increased its sales revenue by 40%, compared to 2010, and recorded operating profit of 339 million TL. Net profit came in at 19 million TL, due to predominantly non operating items.

Turkish Airlines also recorded significant traffic results in 2011. Number of passengers carried increased by 12%, reaching to 32,7 million; Available Seat Km increased by 25%, reaching to 81,2 billion, Load Factor dropped by 1,1 point to  72.6%, Revenue Cargo Tonne Km increased by 38% and stood at 1.459 million. International to international passengers’ share in total transfer passengers in 2011 was %40. By the end of 2011, total number of aircraft in our fleet went up to 180, out of which 139 narrow body, 35 wide body and 6 cargo aircraft. Number of international routes increased to 149 in 82 countries, by the addition of 19 new international routes.

Despite the political turmoil in the MENA region, Japan earthquake and 37% increase in jet fuel unit costs; 2011 still turned out to be a positive year for Turkish Airlines,  in terms of both financial and commercial results. Furthermore, Turkish Airlines was awarded as “The Best Airline in Europe” in 2011. 

Turkish Airlines is aware of the fact that its long-term growth strategy can only be achieved by the healthy entegration of operational and financial discipline.  Turkish Airlines is taking confident steps towards 2012 and the following years, without  compromising from its  effective cost management. 

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17.03.2013 Updated