Turkish Airlines signed sponsorship contract with Maroussi Basketball Club…

Turkish Airlines today announced that it signed one and a half year long partnership deal with Greek professional basketball club…

Within the framework of extending its support to sports activities, Turkish Airlines has finalized the sponsorship agreement with Maroussi BC, one of the most successful basketball clubs of Greece. The cooperation is declared through a joint conference inaugural held in Athens.

Turkish Ambassador at Athens, Mr. Mehmet Hasan Göğüş has honored the ceremony with his participation.

Turkish Airlines’ Executive Vice President Faruk Çizmecioğlu stated in his speech that, “Turkish Airlines has always had a great affinity with sports and now it is very happy to have such a sponsorship deal with Greece’s one of the most popular and dynamic basketball team. By wish a successful season to Maroussi Basketball Club with the best of luck, I also would like to express my sincere belief on this sponsorship agreement’s positive contribution to relations between Turkey and Greece.”

About Maroussi Basketball Club:

Maroussi B.C. is a Greek professional basketball club that is based in Maroussi, Athens, Greece. The club is considered the third most successful basketball club in Greece during the 2000s decade. The basketball team is currently on the 3th place in Greece and has a second place in Euroleague after Barcelona.

Sponsorship Rights:

According to the one and a half year sponsorship contract, all the advertising materials and logos of Turkish Airlines will be displayed on the internal screens of all locations of the team.

The one and a half year sponsorship contract involves all the advertising materials and logos of Turkish Airlines will be displayed on the internal screens of the Saint Thomas Arena, Oaka and all other locations of the team. According to the agreement Turkish Airlines also will hold the front official T-shirt advertisement and the front official warm-up T-shirt advertisement of the team same as taking place on the banners and logos on Maroussi Basketball Club’s official web site.

Turkish Airlines operate three daily flights between Istanbul and Athens.

Representatives participated in the ceremony :

Turkish Airlines:

İsmail Gerçek,             Member of the Inspection Board
Faruk Çizmecioğlu,     Executive Vice President in Marketing
Zeki Çukur,                 Senior Vice President in Corporate Communications
Gülay Öztürk,             Director for Greece


Aris Vovos,                 Chairman
Panagiotis Alexandris  General Manager
George Bartzokas       Team technical Director

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17.03.2013 Updated