Turkish Airlines will purchase four new planes...

The four A321 jetliners will have the “ business” seat configuration and visual entertainment systems.
Turkish Airlines, following a meeting of the board of directors on Monday, announced that the company will acquire four new A321-200 model jetliners as a part of an expansion program.
Having the “business” seat configuration, as major characteristic, and including 20 business, 158 economy, and 178 seats in total, the A321, single-aisle aircraft, are installed with new entertainment equipment designed to be different from other existing single-aisle planes. Operating with customer orientation and observance of high quality, Turkish Airlines stresses the configuration of inner seat in the purchase of single-aisle medium-range jetliners.
“Our passengers will enjoy their trips more with both personal options and self-management with support of the new entertainment system AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) which can be found in the folding-back seats in the business sections” said in a statement issued on Monday. The new entertainment system in all the seats of the economy class will provide many more options.
Two of the new jetliners will join the fleet in December, the other two will enter into the fleet in January and February of 2009. With the addition of the A321s, of which the contracts have been already signed, Turkish Airlines will have the fleet of 128 passenger aircraft. (or 132 aircraft with cargo fleet)

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17.03.2013 Updated