Turkish Technic and Türk Hava Kurumu signs Landing Gear Overhaul Service contract for 14 Sets of Bombardier CL-215 Landing Gears...

Turkish Technic and Türk Hava Kurumu have signed Landing Gear Overhaul Services for THK’s whole Bombardier CL-215 fleet consisting of 14 Sets. Overhaul services will be carried out at Turkish Technic’s Landing Gear shop in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish Technic declared: “We are thanking Türk Hava Kurumu for choosing Turkish Technic for the performance of Landing Gear shop visits. We appreciate greatly the trust Türk Hava Kurumu granted by signing Bombardier CL-215 Landing Gear services contract. We are committed to provide quality services satisfying the expectations of Türk Hava Kurumu to maintain our good relationship.”

Türk Hava Kurumu officers expressed their trust in Turkish Technic’s quality of services and they are glad to have the support of one of the most powerful MRO’s in the region.

Turkish Technic, an association of Turkish Airlines group companies (Istanbul Stock Exchange: THYAO), with a highly qualified and well-trained workforce of over 3,000 personnel, is the leading maintenance center in its region, providing technical services for Airframe, Engine, APU, LDG and components for a wide range of airlines from Europe, Middle East, CIS, Northern Africa and Turkey at its base in Istanbul,

Türk Hava Kurumu(THK), based in Ankara, Turkey, was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of Turkey, to establish the aviation industry in Turkey both assisting the development of military, civil and sportive aviation. It played dramatical roles in the establishment of Turkey’s Aviation Insdustry with training many pilots to the sector. THK has the fleet of Cessna Aircrafts used for the training of the pilots, Cheyyene Aircraft for air taxi/ambulance, Antonovan for agricultural insecticide and Bombardier CL-215 Aircraft for the fire fighting activities.

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17.03.2013 Updated