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Ankara flights

City Guide : Ankara

Ankara located at the Central Anatolia is the capital city of the Turkish Republic. It was the center of the war of independence between 1918-23 resulting in the establishment of Turkish Republic. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the commander of nation-wide movement and his friends leaded the Kurtulus War (Turkish War of Independence) from Ankara. Ankara being the symbol of the national movement has been the capital of Turkey in 13 October 1923. The Grand Commander Atatürk is buried at Anitkabir which is within the borders of the center of the city.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    One of the most magnificent and historical structures in Ankara that should be seen is Anitkabir, the tomb of Atatürk. Starting in 1944, the construction of the Mausoleum situated at Anittepe in Cankaya was completed in 1953. It is placed on a 750.000 m2 area.While the architectural design reflects the characteristics of its term, It also contains the characteristics of Ottoman and Seljuk motives. Anitkabir is consisted of two main units, the peace park and the memorial block (composed of route with lion, the square for ceremony and the mausoleum). Also there are 10 towers within the Anitkabir complex. They take their names from the meaningful concepts concerned with the national combat between 1918-23. Also, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey is at this district

    Ankara Castle is one of the significant works adding to the cultural wealth of Ankara. It is at Altindağ, the district of Ankara. The 90% of Ankara can be watched from the castle. The history of Ankara Castle traces back to the 2nd century B.C. The castle has two doors and is consisted of 42 towers. Kalecik Castle on the way to Cankiri, 78 km away from Ankara , Gavur Castle near Haymana are both culturally and historically important for Ankara.

    Beypazari, another district of the city, is one of the historically and culturally substantial parts of Ankara that you should travel if you want to fully comprehend the cultural structure of the city. Being a episcopacy center in the history, Beypazari has a history tracing back to the Hittite Empire. Ancient houses, silver work and the carrot special to the district are the reasons making Beypazarı quite different.

    The existence of spring resorts is another aspect of the city. Especially, Şey Hamami is one of the most important spring resorts of Turkey. With its modern and huge parks, Ankara is also a social city. Ankara is famous with its cat, goat and rabbit.

    There are many historical constructions such as museums, hamams (Turkish Baths), temples in Ankara. The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (at Altindağ), Ethnography Museum (at Namazgah), Anitkabir Atatürk Museum (at Cankaya), Roman Museum (400 m away from Ulus), Gordion Museum (at Yassihoyuk Village), Augustos Temple (at Ulus) are all among those valuable structures. Furthermore, the caves from the Byzantine period are enticing. These caves are multiple storey connected to one another via stairs.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    The cultural and artistic facet of Ankara reflects its condition of being the Capital of Turkey. The State Theatre, the State Opera and Ballet, the Presidential Symphonic Orchestra, the State Painting and Sculpture Museum, the countless art galleries, cultural amateur music groups, many modern parks give a novel touch to the cultural, artistic and entertainment life of the city.

    The most significant cultural and entertainment activities in Ankara are Ankara International Film Festival, Ankara International Art Festival, Ankara International Cartoon Festival, Ankara International Music Festival and Asia-Europe Art Exhibition.

    The Capital's much liked parks are Abdi İpekçi Park, Altin Park (Golden Park), Botany Park, Goksu Park, Kugulu Park, Mogan Park. These places are vital spaces to relax, entertain and walk about. Also, Mogan Lake is there for visitors aiming to breathe sea air.

    Ankara streets are quite different with their night entertainment. Especially, within the last years, these places developed much. The Argentina Street is the city's cafes and bars street. While it is possible to taste delicious foods in the daytime you can also enjoy yourself via bars at night. The Sakarya Street is the center of cheap entertainment, especially for students. While you see people eating mostly on their feet in the day time you realize a different scene, entertainments in the bars and music parties in the street at night.
  • Food & Drink

    While Ankara's cuisine comprises the Turkish traditional food motives it also has local food menu. Ornac, toyga soup, Ankara pan (meat), arabasi, bahce kebabi (garden kebab), cennet kungu (heaven kungu), batak helva are all listed under the local food list of the city. Even though a long list of soap, meat food, dessert and borek (pastry,flour food) is included within the traditional cuisine we can not say the same thing with regard to the vegetable menu.

    Keskek soup, dutmac, toyga soup...

    Meat Foods:
    Ankara pan, calla, coban kavurma (roasted meat), orman kebab (forest kebab)...

    Kofteler (meat):
    Kadınbudu kofte, mucirim kofte, yumurtali kofte (egg and meat)...

    Cizlama, Bazlama, Kaha, Nevzime, Yalki...

    Ayva boranasi (quince), Hosmelim, Kabak tatlisi (courgette), Pertem, Kaygana...
  • Shopping

    There are countless shopping centers at Ankara. Ankamall, Arcadium, Optimum, Carrefoursa, Bilkent Center, Mesa Plaza, Karum, Armada, Atakule, Cepa, Panora, 365 , Antares, Acity, Forum, Ankuva, Contour and Galeria are the main shopping centers of the Capital. Shopping centers are mostly collected at Ulusoy, Kizilay and Kavaklidere districts. Atakule Shopping Center at Çankaya is 125m high and a famous modern shopping center in the city. Karum at Kavaklıdere is one of the most modern and diversified shopping center of Turkey. Also, you can find entertaining places, restaurants and more here.
    The shops at the Cikrikcilar Gradient near Ulus is famous with its shops. At Samanpazari and Cikrikcilar Gradient, weaving, clay, copper and canework are among the handicrafts pecular to the city. Bakircilar Bazaar is famous with its antiques, jeweleries, clothes, ornaments.
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The World Is Speaking Turkish!

Bringing together Turkish-speaking students from across a broad region stretching from Senegal to Germany and from Mongolia to Bosnia, the Festival is taking place this year May 24 to June 16, again with Turkish Airlines sponsorship. Two thousand student finalists from 140 countries on five continents are participating in the festival, based on the slogan “Toward Universal Peace”. The finalists will present an array of colorful events in categories such as song, poetry, folklore, theater and short film at the festival, which has been awarding students from different countries who speak good Turkish since 2003.  

The Festival Calendar
Culture Fest: May 24-26 - Izmir International Fairgrounds
Opening Ceremony: June 1 - Ankara 19 Mayıs Stadium
Sufi Concert: June 5 - Istanbul Sinan Erdem Dome
Song Final: June 7 - Istanbul Sinan Erdem Dome
Poetry Final: June 8 - Ankara Arena Sports Stadium
Closing Ceremony: 16 June - Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Ticket Sales Offices : Ankara

Address Atatürk Bulvarı Celal Bayar İş Merkezi No : 211 Kavaklıdere / Ankara
Phone 312-465 63 63 /31750/31751/31752
Fax 312-466 36 47
Work Hours

Everyday: 08:00 - 19:45

Phone 312-5901919
Work Hours  
Phone (0312) 590 19 29
Cargo Reservation: 312-398 03 89 312-398 01 41
Fax 312-398 03 35
Work Hours  
  • Ankara : Airport Information

    Esenboga Airport

    Address :
    Phone : +90 312 590 19 19
  • Ankara : Airport Map Information

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