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City Guide : Astrakhan

The city of Astrakhan is located in the southeastern part of the Russian Federation. The city, founded on two banks of the Volga River, is located in close proximity to the Caspian Sea. The name of Astrakhan was first heard as a significant stop on caravan routes in the 13th century. In the 15th century, on the other hand, Astrakhan appears as a colossal city of commerce.
Astrakhan is a point of attraction from a cultural perspective, as well as a quite major industrial center.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The location where the contemporary city was founded is designated by the fortress built on Zayachy Hill around the middle of the 16th century. The city, around the middle of the 17th century, becomes a border fortress of Russia on the Volga coast. The activity at the port increases in the 18th century. Thus, the region turns into the gate of all of Caucasus to Iran, India, and the Middle East from a commercial perspective. The development of the petroleum industry in Baku in the 19th century solidifies the importance of the city.

    The urban settlement areas established on islands formed on the river delta, are 28 meters below sea level. Many dams and floodgates were built to prevent flooding and overflowing. The city center is located east of the river.

    The most interesting piece of architecture in the center of Astrakhan is Trediakovskaya Ulitsad- Astrakhan Kremlin. This structure with eight towers and surrounded by walls was built by architects from Moscow, Mikhail Veliaminov and Dei Gubasty, between 1580 and 1620. The first fortress here was built with wood in 1558 during the time of the tsar called Ivan the Terrible. The wooden fortress that could not withstand Turkish and Tatar sieges, was destroyed in 1569.

    The most decorated corner of the Astrakhan Kremlin is certainly the Uspensky Cathedral. The architect of the cathedral, built between 1698 and 1710, is Dorofei Myakishev. Rumor has it that the famous architect aimed to reflect the spiritual power of Russia in this particular work. Troitsky Cathedral is another architectural work worth seeing, built in 1700.

    The significance of Tsar Peter I can be understood from the monument erected in his name in the city center. Tsar Peter I, who went down in history as Crazy Peter, visits Astrakhan in 1722. At the time, the tsar is preparing for a major expedition to Iran. According to legend, the tsar plants an oak tree on Yablochkov Street. Peter also leaves a handprint.
    Astrakhan In One Day
    If you have set aside one day for Astrakhan, your task is not easy at all. You can start the visit with the Astrakhan Kremlin in the city center. You should certainly see the Uspensky and Troitsky Cathedrals. After visiting the State United Historical and Architectural Museum, if you still have time left, we suggest you visit the marketplaces.

    City Tours and Transportation
    You can head to the sea shore or any river bank to enjoy the water. Opportunities for you to do almost all kinds of water sports are available in Astrakhan. An authentic safari you can go on by renting off-road vehicles and an aerial exploration from a paramotor can be other exciting activity options. You can find places organizing these types of tours, at the city center or hotels.

    Nearby Locations
    Getting a little outside of Astrakhan is enough to embrace the nature, relax, and have fun. Accomodation options are quite numerous and varied. In wetlands among greenery or facilities built on mountain slopes a little further away, you can have different nature experiences.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Museums, Public Squares, Historical Locations, Monuments
    State United Historical and Architectural Museum is the primary place you should visit in Astrakhan. The capital of the Khazar Khaganate founded in the Idil (Volga) Region is another historic spot you can visit. Samolsdelskoe Excavation Site brings to light not only this khaganate that reigned between the 7th and 10th centuries, but also data about the Golden Horde that later ruled the region in the 13th century.

    Selitrennoe Archaeological Site can be visited where Sarai Batu, the capital of the Golden Horde, once was located. The medieval remains of the city located here was brought to light and thus turned into a historical and archaeological spot to visit.

    The city that centuries molded in the hands of different cultures attained an authentic architectural tradition. Structures that carry oriental lines and decorations can be seen side by side with works of the Baroque era in Astrakhan. At times, these two different architectural styles are found in the same structure. Khans and caravanserais with Iranian and Indian elements bring the commercial power of past eras to the present.

    Parks, Games, Events, and Natural Areas
    The variety of plants and animals in Astrakhan is not limited to what you see on the surface. A magnificent underwater life reigns in rivers, lakes, and certainly the Caspian Sea. Moreover, aquatic plants and especially flowery plants are worth seeing and exploring.

    Astrakhan stands out not only with its historical identity, but also as a modern city of Southern Russia. In this sense, it is a significant center that constantly moves forward and where commercial and cultural activities take place in concentration.

    Almost all of the buildings of historical quality are under protection. Most of them are used as theater, concert, exhibition or museum areas. Due to their close proximity to each other, they give the feel of a culture campus to the city.
  • Food & Drink

    The cuisine of Astrakhan revolves around fish. Fish and seafood are served at numerous restaurants in the city. For places to eat; among streets known as Ulitsa you can head to Lenina, Uritskogo, Krasnaya Naberezhnay, Krasnogo Znameni, and Maxima Gorkogo.
  • Shopping

    Fertile wetlands turn Astrakhan into a place that is quite rich in terms of agricultural products. The places where you can observe this situation the best are the open-air marketplaces. To the list of quite varied and mostly out-of-season agricultural products, freshest fish and other seafood must be added.

    In the city's economy, fish holds an important place as well. Fish farming areas and factories processing seafood have formed an active industry.

Ticket Sales Offices : Astrakhan

Astrakhan Meydan ofisi
Address Astrakhan International Airport, Passenger Terminal, 2nd floor. 414000, Astrakhan, Russian Federation
Phone Call center: 8 800 700 61 61 (7/24)
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Weekdays 9:00-18:00

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