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City Guide : Dammam

Suudi Arabistan’ın doğu bölümünün başkenti Dammam, aynı zamanda petrol bakımından dünyanın en zengin yeri olarak biliniyor. Basra Körfezi’nin önemli bir limanı olan şehir, ayrıca Riyad ve Cidde’den sonra üçüncü en büyük Suudi şehri olma özelliğini taşıyor. Kral Abdul Aziz limanı Basra Körfezinin en genişi ünvanını elinde bulunduruyor.
Dammam ayrıca bir üniversite kenti olarak anılıyor. Başta Kral Fahd Petrol Ürünleri Üniversitesi olmak üzere bir çok okulda Ortadoğu ve hatta uzak Asya’nın değişik yerlerinden öğrenciler öğrenim görüyor.Dammam is also known as a university city. Students from the Middle East and even Far East Asia receive education at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and many other schools.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The seaside from Aziziah Beach to Tarout Island is known by the name of Dammam Corniche. Modern art pieces are displayed at this part of the city; which was expanded starting from 2007. Corniche is a place where families gather in the afternoon to have a pleasant time.

    Ah Khobar region seems to be designated for sports and game events. The prominent sports teams of Dammam are located in this region. Water sports stand out the most in events. Coral Island and the lighthouse located on it are other places you may want to visit. From the top of the lighthouse, you can enjoy the great view of the city and all of the seaside.

    Half Moon Bay, located south of Al Khobar, is a must-see place to enjoy the sea with two organized park areas and a beach. The beach expands in a 22 thousand hectar half moon shaped area. Also in this neighborhood, approximately 5 km south of Muhammed Bin Fahd Park there are spots suitable for diving. Artificial diving reefs were created by sinking trucks and cars in the water.

    King Abdul Aziz Sea Port has a very modern appearance. The port is used by ships and boats carrying freight other than oil products. 
  • Culture & Entertainment

    King Fahd Park is the largest park in Saudi Arabia. The park,along the Dammam-Dhahran highway, is located north of Gulf Palace approximately at the midpoint of  Dammam and Al-Khobar. Situated on a one million km square area, there are millions of trees and many pools. Most of the water requirement of the park is supplied by recycled waste water. The park area is a place worth a visit; with artificial lagoons, lakes, green areas, fountains, and structures of a common characteristic.

    At the Regional Museum of Archaelogy and Ethnography; numerous items from hand tools dating back from the Stone Age to Bedouin handcrafts and clothing can be seen together. In the place called Heritage Centre Dammam, there is a small museum where traditional items are on display. There is also a restaurant serving traditional dishes and a market where you can purchase ethnic items.

    In order to get an idea about the history and culture of the region, Dammam National Museum can be visited on the 4th floor of the Dammam Public Library. Muhammed bin Fahd Stadium is located right across from the library.

  • Food & Drink

    There are fast food restaurants of international brands all around the city. The local people of Dammam are made up of different ethnic roots and nations. Thus, traditional foods vary accordingly and the cuisine of the area is quite rich.

    Although it is traditionally made with chicken, Nejdi Kabsa is widely consumed in Dammam like other Saudi cities.  Yemeni Mandi is eaten more often at lunch. Dishes known as Hijaz Dishes including Mabshoor, Mitabbak, Foul, Areika, Hareisa, Kebap Meiroo, Hareira Soup, Migalgal, Madhbi Madfun, Maklube, Kibdah, Manzalah -which is especially eaten most during Eid ul-Fitr-, Ma'asoob, Magliya -the Hijaz version of Falafel-, Hummus, Biryani, Ruz Kabli, and Bukhari can be tried as traditional foods.
  • Shopping

    The city is quite rich in terms of shopping opportunities. In shopping centers, which are easy to get to, you can find many different items together. Al Shatea, Hayat, Sheera, Tamimi, Ibn Khaldoun, Al Bilad, Al Waha, and Al Othaim can be listed among such centers. Additionally, many Arabic marketplaces can be visited. Dammam Auction Market, Al Souq, Souq El Harraj, Souq El-Hob, Souq Mecca, and Souq El Dammam are the first ones that come to mind.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Dammam

Dammam Sales Office
Phone 00 966 13 8676606
00 966 13 8962529
Call center: 800 8110478
Fax 00966 3 8965505
Work Hours

Saturday, Thursday : 09:00 AM-18:00 PM Friday: Closed

Dammam Airport Office
Address King Fahd international airport boarding level I-1305
Phone 00966 13 8836660
Call center: 800 8110478
Fax 00966 13 8836662
Work Hours

Everynight from 22:00 till 03:00

  • Dammam : Airport Information

    King Fahd Intl. Airport

    Address :
    Phone :
  • Dammam : Airport Map Information

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Area : 800 km2
Population : 2,054,710
Monetary Unit : Saudi Riyal
Phone Code : +966 - 3
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