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Geneva plane ticket

City Guide : Geneva

The Swiss Confederation is a landlocked Alpine country in the west of Europe. Switzerland being a federation since 1848 is divided into 26 cantons. A canton is a territorial subdivision of a country. The cantons of Switzerland are the states of the Federal State of Switzerland. Each canton is represented at the state parliament. Geneva is the capital of the Canton of Geneva. Located between the Alps and the Jura mountains, Geneva is placed at the most southwest of the country and at the Geneva Lake. The Rhone and the Arve cross the land of the city. It is the 2nd most populous city of Switzerland. The headquarters of the most of the agencies of United Nations (UN) are existed in Geneva. The presence of such international organizations is the major factor for the city to be admired as a global city. The city is the watch capital of the world.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Alp Mountains, Lake Geneva, many excellent parks, cruises on Lake Geneva, the international facet, the availability of many museums and the cultural events give the city a natural and intellectual atmosphere.

    Geneva's lakefront is one of the most fantastic sights of the city. The Jet d'eau fountain at the Eaux Vives part of the Geneva Lake is the world's tallest fountain spouting a 450 feet (140 meters) high water column on the lake. The flowerbeds and the magnificent planted areas nearby the lake constitute an unprecedented flora. Brunscwick at the right bank of the river includes the tomb of Charles II who was the Duck of Brunscwick. In addition to its green and recreative ground, Jardin Anglais (English Garden) at the end of the Mont Blanc bridge, on the left bank of the river, contains the worldwide famous flower clock and the National Monument. This monument on the ground of the garden presents the unification of Geneva and the whole country in 1815.

    Flower Clock is one of the symbols of Geneva since 1955. Decorated with more than 6.500 flowers, the colors of the clock vary seasonally. This is a technological and floral miracle.

    Saint Peter's Cathedral (Catdrale de St Pierre) at the Old Town is partially Romanesque and partially Gothic structure. John Calvin preached at this spiritual monument between 1536 and 1564. From the tower of the cathedral with a height of 157 steps, you will experience fantastic views of the city and the lake.

    Reformation Wall at Parc des Bastions was started to be constructed in 1909, the year marking the 400th anniversary of the birth of Calvin. The center of the wall hosts the figures of four great statues of the Reformation movement. These are Guillaume Farel (one of the first pioneers of the movement, 1489-1565), John Calvin (the headman of the reformers, 1509-1564), Theodore de Beze (the first rector of the academy, 1513-1605) and John Knox (the establisher of Presbyterianism in Scotland, 1513-1572).

    There are over 40 private and public museums in the city. All these exhibitions contain the collections tracing the national and international history of different ages. International Museum of the Reformation at the Old Town (the life of Jean Calvin), Art and History Museum at Rue Charles Galland 2 (an encyclopedic museum, archeology, fine arts and applied arts), Patek Phillippe Museum at Plainpalais (watch art), Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Chemin de l'Impreatrice 1 (16.000 world plant pieces, library of 220.000 volumes) are just a few examples of these centers.

    Geneva is a city of many naive and artistic natural parks. English Garden, Bastions Park, Eaux Vives Park, Rousseau Island, Alpin Garden and La Grange Park are some of the major natural brilliants of the city.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Geneva's culture is diversified and versatile. Many art galleries, festivals, congress and incentives, cultural events, music, theater, dance and many more components generate the fabric of the city culture. Four seasons are lived dynamic, active and entertaining, due to the cultural events special to each seasons.

    L'Escalade is an annual festival held in December inGeneva celebrating the defeat of the surprise attack by troops sent byCharles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy during the night of 11–12 December1602. Geneva celebrates this event with entertainments in the streets, hopefully under snow: music, parades, hot wine and according to tradition,chocolate marmites filled with marzipan! Fetes de Geneve (August, many concerts on the streets) and Bol d'Or (Mid-June, on the Geneva Lake, the biggest lake sailing race of Europe) are the other major festivals among the innumerable ones held in the city.

    Music is one of the passions of Geneva. Jazz, rock, pop, contemporary music, classical music and more genres are the integrated parts of the city life. Music Festival in June, Archipel Festival in spring and Geneva International Music Competition at the different times during the year are the main music activities organized in the city. Arena nearby the airport (9.000 seats), Grand Casino at Paquis district, the Town Hall Courtyard (during the summer, the oldest Jazz Festival in Europe), Le Contretemps, city parks and many more locations host a plenty of music genres and concerts throughout the year. Orchestre de la Suisse is a regular orchestra of the Grand Theater. Many international opera and ballet performances are created at Grand Theater.

    About 35 theaters of almost every kind of shows are existed in the city. Theater de L'Orangerie at the center of Parc La Grange is home to many diversified shows throughout the year. La Batie Festival is one of the significant cultural activities emphasizing the avant-garde performances.

    Nearly all kinds of sports activities are carried out at the city. Alps, the available rivers, Saleve Mountain all are important sports locations. Billiards, cycling, horse riding, bowling, rafting, skiing, tennis, skateboard and many kinds are practiced here. Also, Geneva Beach and the other beaches at the lakeside are important locations for recreation.

    Cruises on Geneva Lake and Rhone Lake are the best ways to explore the city. By renting a boat or pedal boat and via electric boats, you will see the magnificent views of the city.

    Also, a plenty of bars, discos, nightclubs, dance clubs and cabarets at every point of the city offer an unprecedented nightlife in Geneva.
  • Food & Drink

    Geneva is the center for the culinary culture of Switzerland. It is a worldwide known city with its local and international palates. Although most of the foreign cuisines are available at the city, local people are faithful to their classics. You will discover restaurants at every point of the city offering local or international tastes from a broad range of cuisines.

    The Filets de perche, the Longeole (a kind of sausage), Cardons (salt vegetable) are among the traditional favors of local cuisine.

    Also, Geneva stands in the forefront with its markets. Fruit and vegetable, flea, craftsman, book and other kinds of markets teem in the city.

    Geneva is the city of wine. A great range of the best quality wine varieties are served to your taste. In addition to Chasselas and Gamay kinds, you will realize a plenty of wine with different tastes produced at the many fresh vineyards of the city.
  • Shopping

    There is anything for every wish and every need. Incalculable department stores, specialty boutiques and shopping centers have more than what everybody wants.

    Fabrics and notions, clothes, Swiss and European famous brands, gifts and souvenirs, miscellaneous, music, perfume, cosmetics, second hand goods, shoes and leather goods, sports, tobacco, toys and everything in your mind are offered by the shopping world at Geneva.

    The city is the hearth of watches, jewelry, chocolate, sweets and furs. Before leaving this shopping heaven, you should not forget to purchase chocolate, Swiss army knives and Swiss wine.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Geneva

Call Center:0848 444 849

THY Sales Office - Geneva
Phone Çağrı Merkezi: İsviçre'den: +41 (0) 848 444 849
Fransa'dan: +33 (0) 825 800 902
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Fax 0041 22 731 21 94 BANKO
Work Hours

08:45-12.00 / 12.30:17.45

THY Cargo
Phone +41 (0) 43 81 65019
Work Hours  
Address ATC Aviation Services AG, P.O. Box 1012, Office 092, 1211 Geneva 5 Airport, Switzerland
Phone +41 22 717 82 88
Work Hours  
  • Geneva : Airport Information

    Cointrin Intl. Airport

    Address : Geneva International Airport, PO Box 100, CH-1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland
    Phone : +41 22 717 7111
  • Geneva : Airport Map Information

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