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Kilimanjaro plane ticket

City Guide : Kilimanjaro

Tanzania is a magnificent land where warrior tribes and exotic beaches coexist. Kilimanjaro, located in the northeast part of the country, rises next to the town of Moshi, with its snow-covered and poetic peak. The 5.895 (19340 ft.) meter high peak called Kibo is also the highest point of Africa as a continent. Being the world's highest freestanding mountain, mount Kilimanjaro is also known as the roof of Africa.These mountains located 200 km southeast of the capital Nairobi and only a few kilometers away from the Kenyan border are also dormant volcano cones. The addition of this unique land, mesmerizing with its unique nature, to the UNESCO World Heritage List took place in 1987.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Perhaps the optimal lodging area for those visiting Kilimanjaro is Arusha. The city, which is the largest residential area of the region with the same name, is an important location for those heading to Great Rift Valley and Serengeti Plains. The city, which became known internationally with the Arusha Declarations is the residential area with the best infrastructure in the country. While Kilimanjaro International Airport connects the city to almost every country in the world, bus lines from Arusha to other African cities make the city a significant point in terms of transportation.

    A warm and humid climate dominates in the country. June-August and January-February are the optimal months to visit Kilimanjaro. The area, approximately 340 km south of the equator line, is approximately 500 km northwest and 560 km southeast of the city of Dar es Salaam and Lake Victoria respectively. The national park area is special for not only its peaks where numerous species coexist, but also for the eco-system on the foot of it. There are plains on lower altitudes used for cultivation of bananas and coffee beans. The dense forests located also on lower altitudes, bring out another and much softer side of the climate.

    When you reach higher altitudes, a rocky and challenging type of vegetation  surrounds you. However; the amazing view of Africa, which can only be seen from the higher altitudes makes one forget about all the challenging conditions.

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is on the list of things to do for almost every tourist visiting Tanzania. Town of Moshi is located closest to the base of the mountain. According to the 2002 consensus data, Moshi has a population of 144739. The town is also the center for coffee bean cultivation of the country. The fragrance of coffee, around which every day life of Moshi revolves, is on every corner in the town. Especially the trade of coffee, which is usually done in the form of an auction, is something to see. International buyers obtain Moshi coffee through these auctions and market it throughout the world. Another agricultural product that stands out from an economic perspective in the region is sugar. Sugar plantations can be seen right next to Moshi.

    The streets of Moshi generally provide a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The picture of tranquility emerges when the fragrance of fresh coffee and clean air come together with the quiet. Moshi is connected by land routes to the old capital Dar es Salaam through the city of Tanga. The region, due to its natural heritage, attracts more tourists than Arusha.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Among African countries, Tanzania is one of those that managed to preserve its natural and cultural heritage. Perhaps the most impressive National Parks and game reserves are located here. Serengeti and Kilimanjaro National Parks , which expand with plains and moors, are considered the prime locations in continental Africa to observe wildlife up-close.

    Observing the daily life of nearby tribes can be a very interesting experience for visitors. In order to do that, you can take part in daily tours organized by offices located at the city center. Coffee fields and other plantation areas can also be seen as a part of these tours. The purpose of the tours organized to Kilimanjaro National Park at early hours is to observe wildlife and, of course, to climb to the “Roof of Africa”.

    If you were to list all of the symbols of Africa one by one, Kilimanjaro is a place to find them all. You can see all colors of wildlife at the national parks. Kilimanjaro complements all that with a strong contrast.

    In addition to the Maasai, tall with red robes, Tanzania is home to approximately 120 ethnic groups. Furthermore, it does not require much effort to see this variety. A regular safari gives you the opportunity to experience all the colors.

    Another natural area, to which transportation was made quite simple and convenient, is Ngorongoro National Park. Gazelles, zebras, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and white rhinos-if you are lucky-can give you a unique safari experience.
  • Food & Drink

    Mtori, made with bananas and steak, is the most famous local dish. Mcicha, made with fish or red meat and vegetables, is another dish which is common. Ugali, considered to be the national dish of Tanzania, is a popular dish in the Kilimanjaro region as well. However, we must point out that every region has a unique way of cooking the dish. An interesting fact is that tea with milk is consumed quite a lot in the area. Locally, it is known as Chai Maziwa. Coffee, bananas, milk-although with a slightly different taste-, and meat is consumed widely as well.
  • Shopping

    Moshi's one and only marketplace is a must-see location, even though you have no intention of purchasing anything. Generally; in stores located at the city center, there are many items which can be considered as souvenirs. You can find very unique handcrafted items, usually by women, only at the marketplace and on the streets.
    Aside from the marketplace in the central part of Arusha, you can find a variety in terms of souvenir items at the Maasai Marketplace.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Kilimanjaro

Klimanjaro Sales office
Address Plot 40 ,Sekei Road / Moshi Road ,P.O Box:2799 Opposite Mount Meru Hotel Arusha / Tanzania
Phone Mobile : 00 255 785 111 849
00 255 27 254 5865
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00 – 17:30

THY Airport
Address Kilimanjaro International Airport, Arrival Building
Work Hours

Weekdays 23:00 – 02:30

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday flight days.

  • Kilimanjaro : Airport Information

    Kilimanjoro Intl. Airport

    Address : Kilimanjoro Intl. Airport
    Phone :
  • Kilimanjaro : Airport Map Information

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