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Skopje flight ticket

City Guide : Skopje

Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia, sits on both sides of the only large river of the country, the Vardar River. The city, in which Albanians and Muslims live on one side and Orthodox Christians on the other, is also a historical Ottoman settlement. Following Macedonians, Albanians and Turks are the second and third largest ethnic groups in the city, respectively. The city is called Skopje in the Macedonian language as well. There is much debate about the name of the country. While Turkey and four other permanent members of the United Nations recognize the country as Macedonia, another group of countries, under the influence of Greece, insist on recognizing the country as the Former Yugoslavia Macedonian Republic. This situation creates problems especially when passing from Greece to Macedonia.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    In addition to being a historical city, Skopje is the largest city of the country. While this fact affects the architectural style in two ways as modern and traditional, because the country was a part of the Soviet Union, the architectural style of that system is also reflected.

    The Old Bazaar of Skopje is also called the Turkish Market. That is because the majority of the tradesmen there, are Turkish and the Turkish language is spoken most. The bazaar is very similar to other examples in Anatolia.  Stating that you are Turkish is an important key for an enjoyable chat and shopping trip.

    Among the historical buildings that you should see are , again examples of the Ottoman architectural tradition, Mustapha Pasha Mosque, Kursumli Han, Suli Han, and Daut Pasha Hamam.  You can also come across examples of old Turkish houses.
    The symbol of the city, Stone Bridge was built in the 15th century. The bridge which was built during the rule of Sultan Murad the 1st and which remains to be a unique architectural example with its 13 sources, is one of the rare structures that still stand after the earthquake in 1963 which destroyed eighty percent of Skopje entirely.

    The Skopje Kale Fortress, which was in ruins until a few years ago is back in its old days after undergoing a restoration project. Its magnificent park also attracts attention. A wonderful view of Skopje is waiting for you on top of the Fortress.

    Even though the old train station of the city is partially broken down, it is recovered as the National Museum today. You can find historical and cultural clues to Macedonia there.
    The newest cathedral of the city, the Cathedral of St. Clementin, is right next to the Vardar River. You can also tour the Clock Tower in Skopje, see the Sveti Spas Monastery,  visit the Hunkar, Yahya Pasha,  and the Murat Pasha Mosques, and stop by Cifte Hamam.

    If you would like to visit other merits of Macedonia once you are in Skopje, a bit of a trip is in order.  If you have a couple of hours to spare, you can visit Tetova, where most of the Turkish population reside. The Turks know there as Kalkandelen. The lake and city of Ohrid, which is one of the most beloved places for Macedonians and which they proudly present, is about 150 kilometers away. Ohrid, the deepest lake in Europe, is similar to a sea and has as many as 365 churches surrounding it.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    The city hosts the Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish cultures in the best way. While the part where the Christians live is similar to modern and developed European cities, the parts where the Muslim population live are humbler and more traditional. Christians and Muslims peacefully live together and treat each other with respect. However, it is a fact that the Christians have risen a monumental cross on a hill that can be seen from any point in the city.

    Yahya Kemal Beyatli, one of Turkey’s famous poets, was born in Skopje. The poet defines the city as “the cemetery of the saints of the Fatih era.” The reason for that is the belief that there are many saints in the region and the large number of tombs.
    There are many pars surrounding the Vardar River which divides the city into two. The people of Skopje walk and exercise in those areas. Especially the areas in which the Macedonian people live are the entertainment centers with its cafes and nightclubs.
  • Food & Drink

    Due to its mountainous structure, raising livestock and growing vegetables are the areas which have developed. This affects the cuisine of the region. The weight is on meat and meatball dishes. The local trout from the Ohrid Lake is also very delicious. Restaurants and cafes are very economical. You can enjoy large plates of meat dishes for a couple of euros.

    The dessert “Kaymakcina” has the first place among the most beloved foods in the local cuisine. The dessert is made of milk, eggs, sugar, and flour. “Manca” which is also known as “the Yugoslavian Salad” and “the Koprulu Salad” is prepared with eggplant, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, and olive oil. “Macedonian Stew” which is made of boneless lamb is another famous dish. Also, a delicious bean casserole is made in the city. 
  • Shopping

    The best place for shopping is, of course, the Turkish Market. You can find many souvenirs of both the old and new Skopje. The Market is also a place where fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Macedonia and tobacco are sold. There is a large modern shopping mall downtown. The large number of imported products stands out in the stores of this crowded mall.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Skopje

Address DAME GRUEV 3/2 1000 SKOPJE
Phone (+389-2) 3117214 / 3116149/ 3214899
Fax (+389-2) 3118243
Work Hours

Weekdays 08:30-17:00

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Phone 2 389 2148333
Work Hours  
Phone (+389-2) 2562053
Work Hours

Weekdays: 9:00 - 17:00. Saturday-Sunday closed

Address Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, Cargo centre, Office No. 10; 1043 Skopje, Macedonıa
Phone 389 2 2563 150 - 00 389 7 1210121
Work Hours  
  • Skopje : Airport Information

    Skopje Airport

    Address : Skopje Airport, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
    Phone : +389 2 562 053
  • Skopje : Airport Map Information

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