Claim Your Missing Flights Flight Ticket

Our members may claim their missing flights by entering the following flight details very accurately in order for their entry to become valid. Entries which have inaccurate data are not taken into consideration.

    • Flight Date
    • Origin-Destination
    • Flight Number
    • Ticket number
    • Booking Class

    Depending on the flight destination, it may take up to 40 days for a flight to be fully processed.

    You cannot earn miles from tickets issued under another passenger’s name. Miles are credited to the person who actually travels, regardless of who pays for the ticket. Retro-claims are allowed only for activities that are at most 12 months old.

    In order to receive automatic mileage credit for your flights, please remember to:

    • Quote your Miles&Smiles membership number while making reservation.
    • Present your Miles&Smiles membership card during check-in.
    • Make sure your Miles&Smiles membership number is printed on your boarding-pass.

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