Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Turkish Airlines hereby declares its Occupational Health and Safety Policy to bring its employees, customers, sub-contractors, investors, and all its business partners and shareholders together to meet a common goal for its future, by considering national and international legislation and good practices as well as the principles of commercial ethics along with the Company's missions and common values.

Abiding by the Rules

Complies with international aviation standards along with national, legal and other regulations on the scope of occupational health and safety.

Considering People while Growing

Prefers equipment and organizations that have the minimum risk level, while planning new investments in connection with its field of activity, expanding the fleet, and raising the technological infrastructure level, by considering the health and safety of its employees.

The Company Management believes in the importance of working in a safe and healthy environment, and that this is a part of the Company's success.

Reducing the Damage and the Discomfort Done to the Lowest Level

Takes precautions to reduce the noise pollution produced by its fleet to the lowest level. Values to human health at the highest level in all operations it carries out.

Developing along with Stakeholders

Aims to reach a structure which producing and learning knowledge, skills and behaviors; works to increase the occupational health and safety awareness of its own employees and all stakeholders.

Employee Participation, Communication

Ensures participation of its stakeholders and all the levels of the organization for the improvement of occupational health and safety performance. Supports the improvement of occupational health and safety culture by enlightening its employees about occupational health and safety.

Establishes an open dialog with its employees, sub-contractors and the local community on occupational health and safety for the current and future activities; and by learning the concerns of customers, employees, sub-contractors and the public, and carries out the necessary corrective actions.

Managing Risks

Identifies all occupational health and safety risks of its activities, and tries to prevent the work accidents and occupational diseases by developing action plans to minimize such risks. Ensures the continuity of monitoring work environment and preventive medicine operations. Establishes the necessary infrastructure for creating a healthy and a safe work environment to its employees, sub-contractors and guests.

Ensures that personnel taking part in critical functions are physically and medically ready to perform their respective tasks.

In order to make no compromises regarding operational security and safety and to minimize the operational risks, with the awareness of human factor in the civil aviation industry:

  • First of all, Implements alcohol and psychoactive substance addictions as a selection criterion  to employ new human resource for critical functions; and candidates, who are confirmed as alcohol and/or psychoactive substance addicts, are not employed. 
  • Random checks whether employees participating in critical functions are under the influence of alcohol and/or psychoactive substances before they start their duty and during duty.
  • Does not allow employees, who are confirmed to be under the influence of alcohol and/or psychoactive substances, to participate in operations; and Implements the regulations of national and international civil aviation authorities by sticking to the rules.
  • Supports employees, who admit to be alcohol and/or psychoactive substance addicts provided that they did not violate any rules, with their treatments.


Although the priority is taking measures to prevent work accidents and emergencies, the Company is well aware of the necessity of being prepared against emergencies and being in contact with the National Emergency Response Units.

Improving Consistently

Monitors and measures the occupational health and safety performance, and makes efforts to improve its performance in this area by considering the good practices in the World as well.

Fulfills the requirement of suitable management procedures by reviewing the policy continuously through the occupational health and safety targets and developer programs submitting continuity.

Temel KOTİL, PhD
CEO and President