Cabin and Catering Services

1. Why can’t i sit together with my family?

You need to make your request at reservation. Requests made at check-in point are subject to availability of the seats left in the aircraft.

2. Why there is no left meal choice during your service?

The meal stored is based on the number of passengers, due to the capacity of aircrafts, the choice of meal is limited to a certain ratio and number. Thus, your choice can not be served you because of other passengers’ high demands.

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3. Why we can not benefit inflight entertainment system in each flight?

Depending on the type of aircraft, some of our airplanes are not yet equipped with a digital entertainment system. News, films and short programs are offered to passengers on all flights of more than two hours. Music programs may also be available depending on the type of aircraft. Music programs are available on our long-haul and international flights.

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4. May I take my baggage with me into cabin?

Cabin baggage is baggage carried on board free of charge by the passenger under his or her control and responsibility. A cabin baggage tag must be affixed to cabin baggage. The weight and dimension must be maximum 8 kg. and 23x40x55 cm.

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5. Why are the seats pitches different size  in each aircraft?

There are several kinds of aircrafts in our fleet. Seat pitches are changeable according to travel class and aircraft cabin.

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6. May I travel with my pet?

The pets that passengers may travel with are restricted as to kind and number. For this reason travelling with your pet is possible with prior reservation.

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