In-flight Entertainment

1. What do you provide in your inflight entertainment system?

The Planet digital system and individual touch-screens are used for in-flight entertainment on our international flights on B777, A330, B737-900, A340 and some A321 & B737-800 aircraft. Depending on the type of aircraft, passengers may choose their program either on their touch-screen or by using the remote control device attached to their seat.

The Planet digital system offers the following in its Entertainment section: Latest releases, Classics, Drama, Family, A-Z, International, Romantic, Comedy, Action, Turkish cinema and Children’s films as well as television series, dramas, documentaries, sports, travel, food, fashion and technology programs and cartoons; CD albums including Pop, Pop&Rock, Jazz&Blues, Classical, Latin, New Age, Oldies, World Music, Classical Turkish Music, Turkish Spiritual, Traditional Turkish Folk; and various radio channels. An individual and multiple player Game channel, a Children’s channel and an Audio Book channel are also available. 

In-flight connectivity enables passengers to send and receive text messages and e-mail. The news channel offers passengers world news, including economic, financial and celebrity news, as well as the weather report in text form. News is also given hourly and the weather report every four hours in an on-line broadcast. Connections enabling passengers to listen to, or watch on their individual screens, content on their personal iPods or USB devices are available on B777 and some of our A330 aircraft. Separate sections about Turkish Airlines’ Fleet, Cargo and Frequent Flyer Program are also available along with a Destination Guide, a Turkey Info Guide, Airport Maps, Flight Maps and a Flight Camera. All passengers can watch takeoff and landing on two cameras mounted at the front and back of the aircraft. 

Depending on the length of the flight, films, news and short programs are shown on our scheduled and chartered international flights on aircraft that have a video system but no digital system. 

News, films and short programs are offered to passengers on all flights of more than two hours. Music programs may also be available depending on the type of aircraft. 

Music programs are available on our long-haul and international flights. 

*Depending on the type of aircraft, some of our airplanes are not yet equipped with a digital entertainment system. Click here for more information.

2. Do you provide newspaper on board?

On our international flights , our passengers will be able to get any newspaper from our newspaper stands at the terminal. Local and foreign newspaper service is provided for return flights passengers.