General Baggage Terms and Conditions for the Attention of All Passengers

  • Baggage refers to clothing and personal items belonging to the passenger. The definition of baggage includes both checked and unchecked (cabin) baggage.
  • Your baggage is transported to the final destination point as specified by customs regulations in the country of destination. Consult check-in staff to confirm that customs regulations will allow you to receive your baggage at the final destination point.
  • For your safety, please be sure to check that you do not have any prohibited hazardous substances in your baggage.
  • For your safety, please prepare your baggage by yourself or supervise its preparation. While packing please be careful to check all sealed boxes, packages and wrapping material. Never accept a package from someone else to pass on to another person.
  • There may be substances in your checked or non-checked baggage that are prohibited by the country of departure or destination. Please ask for information when obtaining your ticket.
  • You may carry precious items such as jewellery, cash, mobile phones, computers and documents with you onto the aircraft in your cabin baggage (See Liability for Damage).
  • Please visit our Baggage Delays page for more information on the services we provide if your luggage is found to be missing or damaged on reclaim at the point of arrival.
  • For more information on your free baggage allowance and excess baggage procedures please visit our Free Baggage Allowance and Excess Baggage pages.
  • For information on hand baggage that you may take with you on board the aircraft please visit our Cabin Baggage page.

In the event of the following your baggage will not be accepted on board the flight:

  • Your baggage is liable to cause damage to the aircraft, passengers or other cargo,
  • Your baggage is not packaged in a way that facilitates orderly and safe handling,
  • Your baggage contains items whose transport is prohibited by laws and regulations in any of the states of departure, destination or overflight.,
  • Your baggage is of dimensions exceeding size limits,
  • Any piece of baggage exceeds 32 kg,
  • Your baggage contains prohibited hazardous substances.

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