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  • Counter Check-in

    Reservation and Check-InCheck-in time is one hour prior to the scheduled departure time of domestic flights and two hours prior to the scheduled departure time of international flights. Check-in will be closed a minimum of 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of international flights and a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of domestic flights.

    You must ensure that you are in possession of a boarding pass and that you have dropped off your baggage before the indicated check-in closing times. If you are waiting in line and expecting that you will arrive too late to check-in, please inform a member of Turkish Airlines' staff about your situation.

    Passengers flying with Turkish Airlines from Hong Kong can use city check-in service at Hong Kong or Kowloon Station.

    Check-in time opens from 14:00 to 21:00 and this service is available for passengers departing from Hong Kong on the same date with Turkish Airlines flight.

  • Online Check-in

    This service is available for all passengers who have a ticketed reservation. The online check-in process starts 24 hours before the flight departure time and ends 90 minutes prior to flight departure time.  On-line check-in is available for up to 8 passengers in the same reservation record (PNR).


    Step by step Online Check-In:

    1. Start Screen:

    Once you have entered your name, you can continue with your online check-in process by using either your electronic ticket number or reservation code (PNR). The online check-in process can only be carried out by the named person, even if more than one passenger exists on the reservation record.

    2. Passenger and Flight detail Screen:

    All online check-in suitable flights will be listed on this screen and you can choose your flight by clicking on the confirm button.  The next screen will then be displayed. If there is more than 1 passenger on the same reservation record, the named passenger will be able to select the passengers who are going to be checked-in online.  Up to 8 passengers can be checked-in on the one entry. All flights suitable for online check-in can be processed and, in addition, there are some other facilities available, such as adding your Miles&Smiles card info, making seat changes for checked-in passengers and printing online boarding passes for checked-in passengers.  Other links related to online check-in are also located on this screen.

    3. Check-In Process and Choice of Seat

    The travel class seat plan will appear on the screen according to the named passenger and flight sequence. Passengers are able to choose their seat on the seat plan by clicking on the desired seat. If passengers have connecting flights, all seat plans for their related flights will appear in sequence and all seat requests can be finalized through this method.  Passengers with pre-selected seats that have been made during the reservation process can see their seat numbers next to their names, but will not be able to change theseat selection during the check-in proccess. In order to change a pre-selected seat, you need to go to the seat change link at the end of the process screen.

    After confirming the check-in process, you will see a screen that gives information of suggested time for arriving at the airport, the passenger’s flight route and check-in counter number for getting a boarding card and delivering baggage.  You can also enter your email address and/or mobile phone number here if you wish to have an online check-in confirmation sent to you.

    4. Printing boarding pass

    • Passengers with electronic tickets who have completed their check-in procedures via the web site are able to print their boarding passes in pdf format (size A4) on their own personal computers.
    • For printing your boarding pass, Adobe Acrobat Reader software must be downloaded to your personal computer.
    • If the holder of the credit card through which the ticket has been purchased is not one of the passengers, the system will not allow boarding passes to be produced.
    • Once you have printed your boarding pass, you are no longer able to change your seat through the online check-in service.
    • Passengers who lose their printed boarding passes are able to re-print them with the same seat number or ask for a boarding pass at the check-in counter when you arrive to take your flight.

    Flight information

    The system will show all available flights on the passenger’s record.

    Through Check-in

    If the onward flight/flights on the same day is/are recorded in PNR, all flights will appear on the screen and check-in transactions will be provided for all segments of the flights in accordance with automatic through check-in regulations.

    Return Check-in

    The system includes all flight information on its PNR record and is able to provide “Return Check-in Facility” for passengers.  If the return flight is on the same day and has been confirmed by the passenger, return check-in will be done on the passenger’s behalf.

    Baggage information

    • During the check-in process , baggage information is not asked.
    • Passengers who have baggage, must get their baggage tags from the airport check-in counters.

    Seat Map Information

    The seat selection process provides for the passenger’s travel class.

    During seat selection, the alternatives which are provided to the passengers are in parallel with existing check-in procedures. Transit seats, infant seats, emergency exits etc are all provided to passengers in accordance with the normal check-in rules.

    During the Online Check-in process, seat selection will not be provided to passengers who already have their seat selection in the reservation record and this will be reminded by the system.

    Completing Check-in process and warnings:

    After clicking the “Confirm” button, check-in will be carried out and the passenger will be informed of the airport processes.


    • The airport process for customers who have checked-in online is carried out where the Online Check-in sign is shown at the airport.  If such a service is not available at some airports, the same process will be carried out at the business class counters.
    • If you exceed your baggage allowance, please note that you might have to pay an excess baggage fee, so please consider this with regard to your  timing at the airport. 
    • You must have completed your baggage procedures and taken your boarding pass at least 45 minutes before your domestic flight's and 60 minutes before your international flight’s take-off time. Passenger who have an online boarding pass should get baggage tags before the counter closes. TK 's Self Check-in kiosks are also available for printing your boarding pass. 
    • Passengers who have not arrived at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes before departure will be offloaded even if their boarding passes have been produced via the internet

    Cancellation of check-in process

    To cancel Online Check-in please contact + 90 212 444 0 849

  • Self Check-in

    Check-in Services Flight Ticket

    It is an check-in application which provides our passenger’s getting their boarding passes through KIOSK machines...
    By using the “Self Check-in”process; our passengers

    • Are not only going to be able to make their seat selection and complete the check-in process for themselves, but for passengers in the same reservation record.
    • Without baggage are going to be able to make their “Return Check-in” if they have a return flight with in the same day.
    • With or without baggage are going to be able to make “Through Check-in” up to their last destination.
    • With electronic ticket and with “Online check-in” are going to have an opportunity to get their boarding passes from the Self Check-in devices and proceed directly to the boarding gate as well as changing their previous seat selections.
    • Without baggage, can proceed directly to the boarding gate after completing the check-in process.
    • With baggage, can go to a dedicated baggage drop, where the baggage will be tagged by a customer service agent and sent to the aircraft.

    Which Passengers Can Use Self Check-In?

    Only electronic ticketed passengers can use Self Check-in service

    Stations with Self Check-In

    For domestic stations;  İstanbul (Atatürk Airport and  Sabiha Gökçen Airport), ) / İzmir / Antalya / Dalaman / Bodrum / Ankara / Adana / Gaziantep / Samsun / Trabzon / Konya / Kayseri  Self-check-in can be done through KIOSK machines in the domestic terminals.
    For international terminals ;Copenhagen, Cenevre, Zurich,  Amsterdam,  Stutgart,  Frankfurt,  Birmingham, Vienna,  Nurnberg, Manchester, Athens, Capetown, Johannesburg, Chicago, Prague, Madrid, Budapest, Nice, Lisbon, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Brussels, Oslo, Stokholm , Warsaw, Prague, Bucharest, Sofia Self-check-in application is available..

    How can Self Check in Be Done?

    KIOSK machines has been designed by touching the screens with the help of the simple menu. Check-in process starts with placing the Miles&Smiles card or any credit/debit card to the reader also by means of entering electronic ticket or reservation number(PNR) by choice . Both Miles&Smiles card and any credit/debit card will be used identification purposes only . Process will be completed  system’s printing boarding pass after seat selection….

    Please click here for Self service applications.