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Rotterdam flight ticket

City Guide : Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. In the city, which has one of the largest port regions in the world, a definitive metropolitan life prevails. The density of both economic and cultural activities is quite high. Rotterdam is an energetic and cosmopolitan city. It is one of the European centers of cultural events, festivals, shopping, and entertainment. The examples of modern architecture are worth seeing.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    You can see one of the largest ports in the world, here. The best way to explore the port region might be taking a boat tour. The city, on the banks of Maas River, came under heavy bombardment during World War II. In the city, which was completely rebuilt shortly afterwards, architecture took its current form in the 1980s. You may come across many innovative and interesting structures and arrangements at any minute.

    What the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, the Erasmus Bridge is to Rotterdam. This very much beloved bridge that is called Swan by locals, was opened in the year of 1996.

    The highest observation spot of the city is the tower of Euromast that is 185 meters tall. With the addition of the section called Space Tower in 1970, it has taken its current appearance. You can enjoy the restaurant and cafe in this observation tower; from where you can see the view of the city with all its beauty.

    The steam cruise ship known as De Rotterdam is the biggest one of its kind in the country. You can see many works of art in different halls of this ship, in which there is a restaurant you may choose for dinners.

    The Netherlands Architecture Institute is located in Rotterdam. You have the opportunity to see a wide array of examples of the country's architecture in one place here. With its library and the richness of its archives, it offers much more than a museum.

    Rotterdam In One Day
    If you have set only one day aside for such a city, you have a truly difficult task ahead. You can start by getting a view of the city from the Euromast Tower. You should see spots such as the Erasmus Bridge, the Port, De Rotterdam steam cruise ship, and Kubuswoningen. For shopping, Withstraat and Lijnbaan are the streets you should make note of.

    City Tours And Transportation
    It is quite easy to get from one place to another within and in the vicinity of Rotterdam. Options of public transportation span throughout the city and are functional. Buses, the train, trams, the subway, and even water taxis are among options for transportation. You can go anywhere in the city area with a pair of tickets. To go to the farther part of the city, known as the outer city region, you need 3 tickets.

    Nearby Locations
    Rotterdam, Amsterdam, the Hague, Utrecht, and a few small cities in the western part of country are so connected that they are known by the name of Ranstad, being considered one single metropolis.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Museums, Public Squares, Historical Locations, Monuments
    The Maritime Museum Rotterdam is a museum that has more than half a million pieces of artwork about the sea. Ship models, pictures, atlases, photographs, and movies are only some of what you can see in this museum.

    Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum is Rotterdam's oldest museum. Various collections of pictures and sculptures are displayed in one place here. You will have the chance to see works of figures such as Bosch, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dalí, and Christo.

    Kunsthal is an important center of art and culture. This museum, which hosts approximately 25 different exhibitions and events every year, is also worth seeing with the architectural characteristics it carries.

    Rotterdam is a European city to be seen where there are the most exquisite and innovative structures to have been designed in the name of modern architecture.  The Cube Houses, or Kubuswoningen as they are locally called, is another architectural location that should be seen. These houses that were built by architect Piet Blom at the beginning of the 80s attract attention with their interesting design as well.

    If you are interested in interior design, you should see the Sonneveld House. It is one of the most well-preserved house museums of the country. The Sonneveld House, which was opened for service as a museum in March 2001, was presented as a “hypermodern house” in 1933 when it was built. The museum, located at the intersection of the streets of Jongkindstraat and Rochussenstraat, was constructed in the style of Nieuwe Bouwen, which is the Dutch branch of Modernism. The company that undertook the construction, called Brinkman & Van der Vlugt, is also the owner of the projects for Van Nelle Factory and Feyenoord Stadium. 

    The Wereldmuseum is another Rotterdam museum to see, with a collection of more than 2000 items that were compiled from Asia.

    Parks, Games, Events, Natural Areas
    The Zoo and Oceanium are perfect for outings as a family. In this famous natural area of Rotterdam, you can see animals from various parts of the world. Marine animals deserve a section of their own. Penguins, sharks, and other marine animals are worth seeing.

    Miniworld Rotterdam provides the opportunity to explore the city from a different perspective. It is a visiting spot that is quite entertaining, especially for little visitors. Numerous miniature models of all types are on display here together.

    Trompenburg Arboretum is the flower center of all of Europe, so to say. Exploration of the arrangement of the park, as much as the array of flower types that adorn all sides, should be included in the itinerary.

    Ahoy is a multipurpose indoor event area. All year round, many events are organized here. The area has a capacity of 15 thousand people. Depending on the time you will be visiting Rotterdam, it would be beneficial to be informed about the numerous events of different scales.
  • Food & Drink

    In terms of its cuisine, Rotterdam offers quite a lot of options. Highly varied restaurants and menus await you. While the traditional Dutch cuisine is offered on one side; on the other, you can get a taste of the best examples of the French, Chinese, Moroccan, and Turkish cuisines. In terms of prices, Rotterdam is a place that is perfect for eating good food while being affordable for everyone.
  • Shopping

    Rotterdam is a true fantasy land for those who love shopping. Nearly everything can be found. There are eight main shopping areas. If you would like to buy luxury and latest fashion items, you should head toward Beursplein, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat, and Kruiskade. If you would like to buy items that are relatively cultural but not get away from fashion, then locations such as Oude Binnenweg, Nieuwe Binnenweg, and Witte de Withstraat will be the right places for you. Let us point out that the main shopping street is Lijnbaan. 
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Everday : 06:00-14:00
Sales Office open on Public Holidays during only operation hours.

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