Sports Equipment

Turkish Airlines carries first set of golf and skiing equipments free of charge. In addition, one diving equipment/set per person will be allowed without additional fees for departures from and arrivals to Akabe, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, until 31.12.2015.For other (more than 1) set of golf and skiing equipment sports equipments charges will apply. For detailed information on conditions and charges for transporting sports equipment please click on the headings below

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  • Sports Equipment Baggage

    You may take equipment similar to or the same as those listed below with you on Turkish Airlines flights.

    Golf Equipments* Water/Snow Skiing Equipment* Surf Board** Scuba Diving Equipment***
    Tent Empty Canister Inflatable Dinghy Rafting Equipment
    Archery Equipment Canoe Ice Hokey Equipment Hang glider
    Para glider Parachute Mountaineering Equipment Bicycle
  • Rules, Conditions and Exceptions

    • For all journeys To/From BIO (Bilbao)and SCQ (Santiago De Compostela), surf equipments without any content or number Limit is/are carried as free of charge for which total weight is maximum 10 Kg. When the weith of surf equipmet sets, Pairs and/or any part of the surf equipments and bicycle fares that are shown below Will be charged. This application will be valid until 31 December 2015 (Included).** 

      A set of Surf Equipment contains these: One board, Wooden Boom an done mast and Sail.

    • Additional golf sets or pairs of water/snow skis and equipment such as those listed above are assessed separately to the passenger's baggage weight and Turkish Airlines special baggage charges are calculated.*
    • For sports equipment that are listed below, sports equipment charge per piece is taken based on below “Sports Equipment Baggage Charge by Airport” table. If sports equipment weight exceeds 32 kg, sports equipmet is divided into 2 and/or more pieces and for each of them sports equipments charges per piece are taken.
    • For other points / Interline carriage the aforementioned exceptions will not be valid. Sports equipment outside of those listed above will be handled in line with IATA terms and conditions.
    • For travelling originating from SAO to SIN, KUL, CGK, BKK, MLE free baggage allowance is applied as 2 pcs and each piece 32 kg. As of 26 September 2013, instead of 2 pcs X 32 kg, passengers can also bring 1 pcs X 32 kg and 1 surfboard bag which includes 3 surfboard with max 3 metres and not heavier than 32 kg for total weight. If passengers bring more than 3 surfboard, sports equipments and bicycle charges will apply for each extra piece.**
    • Dimensions vary according to the aircraft type.
    • A set of scuba diving equipment for all travellings to/from HRG (Hurghada), SSH (Sharm El Sheikh), AQJ (Aqaba), JIB (Djibouti) and DAR (Darussleam) is carried free of charge in accordance with the market condition. For second and more scuba diving sets, sports equipments and bicycle charges that are shown below will be charged. This application is valid until 31 December 2015 (included).
    • A Scuba Diving set consists: Wetsuit, flippers, a diving mask, an empty tank bottle, regulator, backplate/Harness, BCD-jacket (Buoyancy compensator diving jacket), a diving lamp, snorkel, knife, lance and scuba life vest.
  • Interline* Carriage

    • MSC (Most Significant Carrier)
      “If another airline is involved in your whole journey; the most significant carrier’s (MSC) baggage rule will be applied in according to RESO302 and MSC. MSC is assigned according to which airline operates the most significant and/or longest part of the journey.
    • If Turkish Airline is MSC in your journey then Turkish Airline’s sports equipment and bicycle charges will apply, if another airline is MSC in your journey than the sports equipment and bicycle charge of that airline will apply.”
  • Charges

    For the trips from abroad to Turkey or Ercan International Airport, or from Turkey or Ercan International Airport to abroad, one-way fees and implementation conditions regarding the transportation of sports equipment given in the table above are as follows:

    Sports Equipment Baggage Charge by Airport

    Zone Country Departure Point Charge
    America ABD, Canada Turkey / Ercan 60 Euro
    South America Brazil Turkey / Ercan 60 Euro
    Europe Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Montenegro, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Latvia, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Albania, Ukrayna, Estonya, Litvanya, Lüksemburg, vb… Turkey / Ercan 30 Euro
    Africa Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo Dem. Rep., Burkina Faso, Nijer, Cameroon, Gabon, Cote D Ivoire (Fildişi Sahilleri), Moritanya, Djibuti, Somali, Rwanda, Chad, Benin Halk Cumhuriyeti, Mali, Guinea, Eritrea, Angola Turkey / Ercan 50 Euro
    North Africa Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria Turkey / Ercan 30 Euro
    South Africa Republic of South Africa Turkey / Ercan 60 Euro
    CIS Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Turkey / Ercan 60 Euro
    Middle East Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan Turkey / Ercan 30 Euro
    Asia Pakistan, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Moğolistan, Afganistan
    Turkey / Ercan 50 Euro
    Far East Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam Turkey / Ercan 60 Euro
    Interline* Any Interline Carriage Turkey / Ercan 60 Euro

    For carriage with points of destination and arrival outside of Turkey, one-way charges for flights departing Turkey or Ercan are totalled and applied.
    Example:  Carriage of a piece of sports equipment in journey Chicago-Istanbul-Tunis (CHI-IST-TUN / One way) is charged as follows: Chicago-Istanbul: 60 Euro + Istanbul-Tunis: 30 Euro, total payable: 90 Euro.