An opportunity to buy miles over the internet!

An opportunity to buy miles over the internet!

Not enough miles to fly to the city you want!

This is no longer a problem because all of our members can now purchase 1.000 bonus miles over the internet for 30 USD, including VAT. In fact, you can purchase up to 50.000 miles in one year.

Miles&smıles members will purchase bonus miles from our web sıte ( for using award ticket

Please log in buy bonus Miles

Bonus Miles Purchase Rules

  • All Miles&Smiles members can benefit from bonus miles purchase application.
  • Purchased   bonus miles and  fee for purchased bonus miles  are non-refundable.
  • 1000 miles cost 30 USD (include tax).
  • Members can purchase up to maximum 50.000 bonus miles for their own accounts or for each other members accounts  within each calender year.
  • Purchased  bonus Miles are subject to the  terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles Program.
  • Purchased bonus miles through web site & call center post immediately to the member’s account.
  • Minimum 1000 bonus miles can purchase.
  • In order to benefit from purchased Bonus Miles application on web page, call center or sales office , at least one Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance member Airlines flight should be registered automatically (during check-in or reservation) into the membership account within one year.
  • Sms  and e-mail message send to our member after posted bonus miles to the member account

06.08.2015 Updated