Ticket Reissue


  • Reissue is only available for domestic tickets purchased with credit cards, either online or via mobile applications. No reissue is made available for award tickets.
  • A reissue is only available prior to your original date of travel and only if no other changes have been made to your ticket.
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets via our website but have not been approved by the 3D Secure system may complete the reissuing transaction after the credit card authorization has been approved.
  • With a reissue, you may change your ticket to a ticket of the same class or an upper class. In this case, the price differences that may occur will be charged to you.  Ticket changes requiring a refund are not available. Please get in contact with a Turkish Airlines sales Office in such situations.
  • For reissued tickets on equal level class and/or range group, a booking service charge will be applied for domestic (10 TL) and international flights (10 Euro). This service charge does not apply to re-validated tickets or tickets where the original fare is lower than the booking class of the reissued ticket and /or range group.
  • If the original ticket's class level is higher than the class of service after the reissue process, a 10 TL ticketing service charge will be applied for domestic flights.
  • If the original ticket is in Economy Class, 20 Euro will be charged for short-and medium-haul international flights, and 40 Euro will be charged for intercontinental (long-haul) flights.
  • When the original range group is longer than the one that will be reissued, 20 Euro will be charged for Economy Class tickets and 40 Euro for Business Class tickets.

(i) The reissued reservation must include at least one adult. If your reservation includes a promotional class (P, O, U, G) no cancellation/refund and changes can be done via our website.
(ii) If your reservation includes a connecting flight or multi-stop flights, you cannot conduct reissue transactions via our website. However, direct flights may be changed to connecting flights or multi-stop flights.

  • If your reservation was reissued in less than 12 hours prior to your flight’s departure time, you will be charged a fine equal to 30 percent of the fare plus the fare difference, if any, for the reissue.
  • Changes requested to your ticket will apply to all passenger tickets included in your reservation.

How to use

Please click “Reissue” on our website under “Online Tickets” to find out more about our ticket reissuing policy. On the next screen, enter your reservation code and the passenger’s surname to display your online reservation via our website. On this same screen, click “Change Flights” and select your new flight and date. For the reissue transactions done via our website, Turkish Airlines will e-mail you a confirmation of your new reservation.