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Titanic Hotels

The Group started its adventure in the service business with Titanic Comfort Şişli Hotel opened in Şişli, one of the attraction centers of Istanbul, in 1993 and Titanic City Taksim Hotel opened in Taksim, recognized as one of the important city centers of the world, in 1998. The Group achieved an important position in city hotel business with its brand and specialty and introduced Titanic Beach Lara Hotel in 2003 at Lara, Antalya for cherishing the memory of the legendary love boat. The hotel has positioned itself as the shining star of not only Antalya, but also the entire Mediterranean Region with its unique and awarded architecture in the shape of a boat.

The Group has added another accomplishment with the opening of Titanic Business Kartal in 2009, positioned near the important industrial zones in the Anatolian side of Istanbul with the famous view of the islands. And in 2009, the Group has opened Titanic Port Bakırköy in Bakırköy, one of the most important centers of Istanbul, as well as Titanic Anadolu Gebze in Gebze. The Group expanded to overseas for being an international hotel brand and made its first investment in 2011 with Titanic Comfort Mitte in Berlin, Germany. In 2012, the Group introduced Titanic Business Bayrampaşa in Bayrampaşa, quickly progressing in being the new attraction center of Istanbul, and continued to go beyond the ordinary in city hotel business.

The Group has strengthened its strength in holiday tourism in addition to city hotel business with Titanic Deluxe Belek opened in world-famous holiday region Belek, Antalya in 2013. Surrounded by forests on three sides and Beşgöz River on the other side with its nature-friendly and extraordinary architecture at a very special location, the hotel has become the new flagship of the Group displaying its difference by reaching out to the most hidden beach of the region.

Carrying out 2 new projects abroad, the Group also plans renovating the historic building located on Berlin’s famous Französische Straße for launching its 5-star hotel project with 208-bed capacity, as well as launching a 4-star hotel project with 390-bed capacity at Chausseestraße, one of the important centers of Berlin.

Maintaining its accomplishments without making any concession from the quality policy, the Group enjoys the justified pride of being recognized as one of the substantial and reliable brands in hotel business in such a short notice. The Group has taken it as a goal to open all kinds of hotels at any place regardless from location and will continue to improve its innovative understanding going beyond the ordinary through its hotel business understanding progressing with different concepts.


Terms and Conditions

  • Only published rates of accommodations are considered for mileage credit. Stays at special rates for travel agents, airline discounts, any special contracted rates and hourly /day use accommodations are not eligible.
  • Miles&Smiles members will be awarded 500 miles per stay to one or more consecutive nights. Long stays consisting of consecutive days are considered as one stay.
  • In case more than one miles&Smiles member share a hotel room, only one member will earn miles for the particular stay.
  • In order to earn miles, you need to present your Miles&Smiles card during check-in at the hotel.
  • It may take a certain period of time for your hotel stay to be credited into your account. In case of any problems, please contact the hotel with your receipt.
  • Miles&Smiles members can not earn miles for their stays at Titanic Anadolu Gebze Hotel.