Prontotour Flight Ticket

Earning miles only through flying is ended.

Now, it is time to collect miles with tours you attended…

To the members of Miles&Smiles, miles will be provided from as amount of money spent in their online domestic – foreign tour shopping… With your miles, World is yours.

According to the needs and budgets of the customers, Prontotour provides various alternatives, and enhances brand new campaign in the website renewed as user friendly.  As a result of collaboration conducted with Miles&Smiles card belongs to Turkish Airlines, in the online purchase of domestic – foreign tour package through, each Turkish Lira spent provides mile in return. For example; you will earn 100 miles for your every 100 TL expenditure.   

Prontotour celebrating her 21th anniversary this year and determining trends in tourism, presents opportunity to earn miles not only from the flights of Turkish Airlines but also from online purchases related to domestic – foreign tour packages through the implementation of “EARN MILES WITH TOUR”.  By this implementation realized for the Miles&Smiles members, Prontotour makes the members earn miles as amount of Turkish Liras spent for all culture tours with bus - plane, packages for Cyprus, purchases for world hotels, cruise tours all foreign tour packages.

Serving with her 39 franchise offices and 932 selling points all around the world, Prontotour arranges tours for more than 80 countries. For travelers who want to know various cultures, discover different geographies, Prontotour continues the contribution in tourism not only including different destinations every year but also in terms of providing services as a leader foreign tour operator in Turkey.

For campaign conditions and detailed information:

For your questions about the details of tour packages or other services to be purchased;

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