Online Check-in

1. What is Online Check-In?

Online check-in is a service that gives a possibility to check-in online to all passengers who have a ticketed reservation before arriving to the airport.

You need to use your Turkish Airlines reservation number for online check-in.

2. What is the earliest and latest time for check-in online?

Passengers can enjoy check-in and select the seat from 24 hours up to 90 minutes prior to the departure time through Turkish Airlines Online Check-In pages.

3. Who can use Online check-in?

Passengers who have ticketed reservation may enjoy online check-in.

4. Which flights/departures are available for Online Check-In?

Please click here to find out where Online Check-In is available. Online Check-In is not available for Code share flights which are not operated by THY. For passengers, their first destination start with TK and have a connection flight with an agreement airline, might be able to do online check-in till final destination.

5. How do I use Online Check-In?

Online Check-In pages will be reached via internet from address. Simply entering your name, surname and flight details you’ll be able to check-in online. To get more detail about online check-in, "Check In Help" link can be used.

6. What if I have baggage to check?

Online check-in is available for the passengers with or without baggage. It is not need to register your baggage details while check-in. Baggage check-in process might be completed at the airport “baggage drop off point” or “online check-in desk”. Desks are closed 60 minutes to international, 45 minutes to domestic flights schedule departing time. In case of excess baggage, passengers have to consider the time will be spent for excess baggage payment process. THY cannot be held responsible of possible passenger delays due to excess baggage process.

7. What time should I be at the airport and what should I do on my arrival?

After the security controls, our passengers can drop their baggages and get their baggage tags from our special online check-in counters. These counters will be closed 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the international flights and 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the domestic flights. Please arrange your arrival time considering these regulations and airport security controls.

8. What if I have connecting flights?

Because online check-in is made through to your final destination, you will experience no problem if you have connecting flights. In this case your baggage will be checked to final destination at the check-in counter. If you wish to collect your baggage at the stopover point, the baggage tag will be changed per your request.

9. Can I also check-in online for connection flights with other airlines?

Online Check-in is only available, their first destination start with TK and have a connection flight with an agreement airline, might be able to do online check-in till final destination.

10. Can I make Online Check-In for my travel companions as well?

Yes. Passengers who are in the same reservation record will be listed and user could select the name who needs to be checked. Only 8 (eight) passengers can be checked-in at once.

11. What if I have a pre assigned seat from my reservation record?

If you have already seat assignment in your reservation record, Online Check-in process will be completed accordingly then seat change facility can be used if it is requested.

12. What happens if I want to change my seat assignment after I check in?

You can use the ‘Online Check-in’ link from our website  in order to change your  seats.

13. What languages are available for online check-in?

Turkish and English are available.

14. What do I need to do at the airport?

Check-in formalities including getting boarding card, delivering the baggage and security procedures will be completed at the check-in counters which are special to online checked-in passengers, if these desk does not exists Business class counters can be used instead. (Except Singapur Station.)

Passenger without baggage and have online printed boarding card may go directly to the gate through to security control or otherwise baggage should be registered at “baggage drop off point” or “online check-in desk”.

Please be aware however, that additional airport security screening measures may increase the time required to complete the check-in process at the airport.

15. What is the necessary ID controls?

If you go directly to the gate, you should keep your ID with you and show it out to the boarding agent.
Passenger who paid the ticket by credit card should keep their ID and also the related credit card to show it out to the boarding agent. .

16. When do I need to be at the gate?

Boarding gates close no later than 25 minutes for USA flights and 15 minutes for all other domestic and international flights before departure in order to complete last minute preparations, assuring on-time take off and on-time arrival to your destination. Please make sure that it can often take up to 25 minutes to reach a gate from the main departure areas in some airports.

17. What if I need to make a change to my ticket/reservation?

Please contact THY representative via 444 0 THY who will assist you to change your reservation and cancel your check-in.

18. I have made Online Check-in, but what happens if I am late for the flight?

Please contact THY representative via 444 0 THY who is responsible to cancel your reservation and will assist you for rebooking.

19. How Can I Print My Boarding Card From The Web Site?

1. Passengers with Electronic tickets who have suitable conditions and completed their check- via our web site for Online Boarding Pass eligible stations are able to print their boarding passes in .pdf format (size A4) by their own personal computers. To install the Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here.
How Can I Print My Boarding Card From The Web Site?2. Please click here to find out where Online Boarding Pass is available.
3. Please click here to find out the conditions for online boarding pass.
4. It will not be an option to change their seats during Online Check-in for the passengers who have already printed their boarding passes.
5. Passengers who lose their printed boarding passes are going to be able to re-print them with the same seat number or ask for the boarding passes at the check-in counters on the flight date.
6. Passengers without baggage can directly proceed to the boarding gate with their printed boarding passes.
7. Passengers with baggage must leave their baggage to the check-in counters before counters' closing time. Closing time is 60 minutes to departure time for international flights and 45 minutes to departure for domestic flights.
8. During boarding, only the original boarding pass printed via our web site will be accepted. Fax and other copies will not be accepted.
9. Passengers who have not applied to the boarding until the boarding ending time (15 minutes before departure) will be offloaded even if their boarding passes have been produced via internet.

20. How do I cancel Online Check-In?

To cancel Online Check-in please contact to + 90 212 444 0 849 ext 4-2-1.

If Online check-in has cancelled the previous boarding pass that has been printed is not valid anymore. In the case of recheck-in the new boarding pass should be printed again.

21. Who can use Emergency Exit Seat?

From passengers who sit on the` Exit Rows` are expected to help the cabin crew for opening the emergency exits and unloading other passengers in case of unexpected emergency cases. That is why,seats in front of  the exit rows can not be choosed  on online check-in process. Such a related seats requests may be demanded on merely check-in counters at airport.