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Frequently Asked Questions Flight Ticket

Could you please briefly talk about the THY?

THY first  established in 20.05.1933 under the title of Airlines State Enterprise which was part of Ministry of National Defense. The first fleet was composed of 2 King Bird (5seat), 1 ATH (10 seat) and 2 Junkers F-13. In 1938, the enterprise became part of the Ministry of Transportation with the title of State Airlines Administration. In 1947, the first international flight organized from Ankara and Istanbul to Athens. In 1956 Turkish Airlines Corp. founded with a capital of 60 million TL. In 1990, THY was listed under the enterprises for privatization and in the same year, in October, first public offering took place with 1.55%. In 2004 another public offering took place (23%) and in 2006 (25%) and THY reached the status of a private enterprise. In 2006, THY committed to join the largest airline family, namely, the Star Alliance and in April 1st, 2008, THY finally joined Star Alliance. In April 23rd, 2008, a new body under the THY, namely, AnadoluJet started operations.

THY carried more than 14.1 million passengers in 2005, 16.9 million in 2006, 19.6 in 2007, 22.5 in 2008 and 25.1 million in 2009. THY with multiple partners continues its operations in 8 different establishments. The CEO of the THY since 2005 is Dr. Temel Kotil.

What is quality aim of THY?

Not only in terms of profitability and institutional growth, but also THY is experiencing significant progress in terms of service quality. The Skytrax evaluation results, which is considered as the Oscar of the aviation sector, THY’s progress in 2009 and 2010 are both extraordinary. In 2009, THY is chosen as the best airline of the Southern Europe, the same award has been received in 2010 as well. Moreover, THY is also chosen as the third best airline in Europe. The treats organized by Turkish Do&Co to the economy class passengers are chosen as the best in the world.

Similarly,  along with the supervision of Skytrax, THY received 4 star in all of the categories of supervision and sustained her unique status in Europe in this regard. Whereas, for the First Class, the quality of products and services progressed and reached 4.5 star, getting closer to the 5 star target. According to the results of the evaluation 2011, Turkish Airlines has been chosen as the winner of the 3 categories, “Best Airline Europe”, “Best Premium Economy Seats” for its Comfort Class seats and “Best Airline Southern Europe”.

Has the THY been influenced by the economic crises?

THY continued further investments despite the crises atmosphere and benefited from the investments made.

In the crises years, 2008 and 2009, THY increased the number of passengers as well as profitability. For instance in 2008 the profit was 571 million dollars, whereas, in 2009, the profit was 538 million dollars. These numbers indicate that, despite the crises, THY continued growing, and the crises even worked as a catalyst for growth.

What are the prospective objectives of the THY?

Having been awarded the best airline in Europe in this year is a significant motivation and we would like to extend this award to the “best airline in the World”. Another important objective is to benefit more from Turkey’s transit location, and make Istanbul and Ankara crucial hubs for international passengers.

What are some of the new destinations Turkish Airlines is considering?

Until the end of 2011, Suleymaniyah (IQ), Islamabad (PK), Turin (IT) and Dammam (SA) lines are expected to be in operation.

There are significant number of new lines, what about the occupancy rates?

As for the new lines opened, the occupancy rate is quite satisfactory for us. For every new line opened, there is a serious investigation and research. These investigations are based on modern and scientific methods, and in brief, each line, more than cost, means the existence of THY in that location and profitability.

Could you please briefly mention about the THY fleet?

Turkish Airlines fleet currently encompasses 6 cargo and 169 passenger airplanes, and in total 175 airplanes. Furthermore,14 airplanes are used for education purposes. With an average age of 6, THY has the youngest fleet in Europe and in accordance to the fleet regeneration and renewal projects, number of airplanes are targeted to reach 200 by 2012.

One of the most important revenue items for THY is the cargo transportation. Could you please expand on this issue?

THY involves 6 cargo airplanes. The increase in the amount of cargo carried from 2008 to 2009 is 20 % and the market share of THY Cargo increased to 57%. In terms of cargo traffic, among the members of the AEA, THY is the airline which established the most impressive growth with 32% and in the first 6 months the growth was 49.6%.

Why THY prepares different publicity projects in different parts of the world?

Let me express that THY is a global brand. As of June 2010, THY flies to 125 international locations and has the 9th largest network all over the world. For each region that we would like to increase our share, we prepare publicity in accordance to that specific region and we structure our plan in accordance to the peculiarities of the region targeted.

Turkish Airlines' marketing activities depend on its market research and in this framework, there is an ongoing market research tailored for our marketing needs and future research will be shaped in this manner. One of the best basketball player Kobe Bryant and the tennis player Caroline Wozniacki are the latest stars of our advertisements.

Is THY investing in sportive activities as a component of the marketing strategy?

Yes, THY became the official transportation sponsor of two soccer giants, Barcelona and Manchester United. Similarly, THY is currently the sponsor of Maroussi, a Greek basketball club.

Another important aspect of the THY is becoming a commercial group? Could you please elaborate on this issue?

THY established 8 partnerships and the service areas, names of these partners and their shares are presented below:

Name of the Company Activity % of THY Location Establishment Year
GÜNEŞ EKS.(SUN) Air Transport 50 Turkey 1990
THY TECHNİC Technical Maintenance 100 Turkey 2006
THY DO&CO Treat 50 Turkey 2007
P&W T.T. MAINTENANCE Technical Maintenance 49 Turkey 2008
BH AIRLINES Air Transport 49 Bosnia Herzegova 2008
TGS Land Services 50 Turkey 2008
THY-OPET Fuel - Oil 50 Turkey 2010
THY-GOODRİCH Motor Maintenance 40 Turkey 2010
All of these collaborations are contributing to the THY and the aviation sector, as well as the Turkish aviation industry. THY is open to any kind of cooperation in this regard.