Safety Policy


At Turkish Airlines, safety is the number one priority at all levels of the organization. Safety is an indispensable asset, an integral part of Turkish Airlines’ corporate values that is never compromised. Safety also plays a significant role in the provision of an efficient, effective and sustainable air transport operation. It is of utmost importance that all levels within Turkish Airlines offer a commitment in line with industry best practices and standards.

Priority of Safety

Turkish Airlines regards the safety of its organizational activities, stakeholders and the environment as the most important consideration.

Management Commitment

Turkish Airlines acknowledges the involvement of management as a key contributing factor to the overall safety of the organization’s operations. All accountable managers at Turkish Airlines are responsible for the continuous monitoring of safety trends, and to actively provide the necessary support and resources within their areas of responsibility in order to maintain and improve safety.

Safety Management System

Turkish Airlines continuously strives to achieve and maintain a healthy working environment for its employees and to provide the highest possible safety standards to all its customers. In order to achieve these goals, Turkish Airlines has developed a Safety Management System (SMS) that actively involves all levels of the organization’s operations. The core of Turkish Airlines’ SMS is to continuously monitor, identify, manage, reduce, or eliminate detectable or foreseeable hazards through a systematic and data-driven approach. This enables Turkish Airlines to minimize its exposure to risk and to address potential future challenges, while fulfilling its safety responsibilities to the highest standards.

Safety Culture

Turkish Airlines fosters and encourages a safety culture that includes just, learning, flexible, reporting and informed cultures among all managers and employees. It is of the utmost importance to increase the awareness of the role of safety within all activities and the resulting responsibility of each individual.

Adoption and Development of Safety and Quality Standards

With regard to national and international requirements, Turkish Airlines aims to continuously develop safety and quality standards that exceed industry best practices.