Migros Flight Ticket

Moneys of Miles&Smiles members bearing Money Club Cards are now converted into Miles! 1 Money = 20 Miles!

 As from January 1st, 2015, Moneys won by Miles&Smiles members for their purchases made with their Money Club Cards at 5M Migros,Tansaş and Macrocenter will be converted into Miles according to 1 Money = 20 Miles.

To enrol in this campaign, immediately text "Mil" space your Money Club Card Number space your TK number to 5818 so that your Moneys are converted into Miles.

Conditions for Participation in the Campaign :

  • The Campaign shall be applicable for any purchases made with Money Club Card, Money Visa or any cards with Money Club feature at Migros, 5M Migros, Tansaş, Macrocenter stores or Sanal Market between.
  • To benefit from the campaign, you should be a Turkish Airlines, Special Passenger Program, Miles&Smiles member and enrol in the campaign by a card with Money Club feature and Miles&Smiles  TK number.
  • To enrol in this campaign, you have to  text "Mil" space Money Club card number space TK number to 5818.
  • Name, surname details recorded in Money Club Card account which you have texted to enrol in the campaign should be the same as name, surname details recorded in Miles&Smiles account whose TK number you have texted.
  • After you enrol in the campaign, any Moneys you have won from purchases made, as from the date of enrolment, at Migros, 5M Migros, Tansaş Macrocenter stores or at Sanal Market with any card with Money Club feature with which you enrolled in the campaign and any cards linked to this card will be converted into bonus miles according to 1 Money = 20 Miles and credited to TK account you’ve given during enrolment in the campaign.
  • Bonus Miles you are entitled to will be first confirmed by text message and credited to your Miles&Smiles account on 10th day of each month.
  • To win Miles from any purchases to be made, you have to use Money Club Card with which you enrolled in Miles program or any of the cards in the account to which Money Club Card is linked to.
  • Any purchases for the purpose of reselling shall not be included in the total amount spent. In case of detection of any purchases for the purpose of reselling, any bonus miles gained from such purchases shall be taken back.
  • An account can win maximum 50,000 miles till the end of the campaign.
  • You may enrol in the campaign with only one card with Money Club feature along with other cards linked to this card and 1 Miles&Smiles membership.
  • General terms and conditions of Miles&Smiles program shall be applicable for use of miles.
Migros Flight Ticket