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Cairo Flight Ticket

City Guide : Cairo

Egypt, the Arab Republic of Egypt, is situated in the North Africa. Having a coastline along the Mediterranean and Red Sea, Egypt harbors Sinai Peninsula and the land joining the Continental Africa to the Continental Asia. Egypt is the 15th populous country in the world and the 2nd in Africa, with a population of about 70 million most of which inhabits in the environs of Nile River passing through the country. Egypt is worldwide known for its ancient civilization and its Pyramids comprising Giza Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza. The capital city of Egypt is Cairo. While being the most populous metropolitan area, the capital is the 7th populous area in the world. The city is placed on the islands and the banks of Nile River in the north of the country. A quarter of the country population lives here. The city is the hearth of education and educational vocations for the whole Arab and African world.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    You will not see skyscrapers, boulevards and modern parks in the city except for the historical structures of centuries ago. The city is home to ancient temples, Christian, Jewish and Muslim monuments, modern art and sculpture, ancient locations, many Pharaonic sites, Egypt Pyramids and Nile River.

    Cairo Tower rises in Zamalek district of the Gezira Island in the Nile River, at the center of the city. Having 187 meters height, the tower is 43 meters higher than Great Pyramid of Giza. From the deck of the tower, you will experience panoramic views from the city.

    Its ancient pyramids commemorate Egypt. Almost all of the 100 pyramids in Egypt gathered around and near Cairo. These ancient structures are located just at the south of Nile Delta. The Great Pyramids at Giza are the most famous structures in the country. This archaeological site is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the World.

    Citadel at Darb al-Ahmar is one of the most visited tourist locations of the city. To be home to the Egypt's governors for 7 centuries, this scattered historic place rising on a limestone harbors three quite dissimilar mosques, a few palaces and terraces presenting the city views.

    Islamic Cairo is glamorous and the World Heritage site. The Mosque of Muhammad Ali in the Citadel of Salahideen is the most popular mosque in the city attracting thousands of tourists. Beit el-Suhaymi at Gamalliyat is one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic Cairo. This architectural highlight composed of the family mansions will attract you with its inner courtyard. Bab Zuweila at Darb al-Ahmar is splendid with its two-towered gate. Constructed in 1092 in the era of Fatimids, it was the south entrance of the royal city.

    Egyptian Museum at the Downtown exhibits the largest collection of the ancient Egyptian antiques. This Museum of Egyptian Antiques has a collection of about 136.000 pieces and ten thousands within its storerooms. This neoclassical structure on Tahrir Square in the city center includes the Royal Mummy Room comprising about 27 royal mummies left from the Pharaonic era.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    As a consequence of a long history of 7.000 years on the banks of Nile River, Cairo harbors a diversified culture treasury. Modern art, music, dance, theater, cinema, galleries and many cultural centers constitute the fabric of the rich city culture.

    The Gezira Art Center at Zamalek is home to four galleries. This cultural center comprises temporary displays, a cinema, a lyceum and an open-air theater. You will witness a total of 10.000 paintings and sculptures in this venue. Townhouse Gallery at Hussein El Me'mar Paha Street comprising three exhibition floors is a favorite center of contemporary art for the city inhabitants.

    Cairo Opera House, the part of Cairo's National Cultural Center, is the main location for performing arts in the capital of Egypt. Rising on Gezira Island in Nile River, it is the major place for dance performances. This venue hosts musical performances of classical, jazz, opera, and Arabic music and dance performances of ballet and opera during the year.

    Also, many nightclubs in the city have live music performances throughout the week. Most of the five star hotels have music performances of both Arabic and Western popular music.

    Most of the theater performances are performed in Arabic. Kasr el Nil and Miami are the major centers of the live theater.

    Cairo International Film Festival firstly launched in 16 August 1976 is a worldwide known cultural event indicating the cultural heritage of the city based on the western and the eastern artistic and cultural heritage.

    The traditional dance of Cairo is popular. Belly dancing is taught and performed widely in the city. Horse riding and boating are the fantastic activities of the social life of the city. Horse ride to the Pyramids is very popular among tourists. Boating on the Nile River is another magnificent activity that you will enjoy. At every Point of Nile River, you will see ancient large sailboats to hire for a tour on the river.
  • Food & Drink

    Although dining out in Cairo is not as exhilarating as the western world cities, however, every category of restaurants and tasty delicacies of every alternative are present at the city.

    Both local and international cuisines rule the culinary culture of the city. African, American, European, Eastern, Western, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Turkish, Thai, Greek and many more cuisines serve the top-quality palates for your taste.

    Breakfast, brunch, fish and seafood, meat, vegetarian, steak and barbecue restaurants and pizzerias all offer delicious dishes from the local and international cuisines.

    You can enjoy among the Cairo restaurants with pretty different atmospheres. Alfresco, scenic, friendly, for children, non-smoking, romantic, nostalgic and 24 hours restaurants are available to choose among.

    Fuul (mashed beans) and taameya (fried bean patties) are the prevalent and traditional breakfast dishes. Koshary is the traditional fast food of the city and a popular Egyptian lunch dish. Koshary is composed of the macaroni and rice supplies served with the local tomato sauce or the chilli sauce. Kofta and grilled chicken are the other famous local dishes in the city. Also, Egyptian pizzas are prevalent. You can eat it as savoury or sweet.

    The ahwas (coffee shops) are the best places for drinks and various entertainment options. Ahwas are at every point of the city and offer tea, coffee (ahwa), hot chocolate, coke, fruit juices, cinnamon, sahleb (sweet milky drink), ganzabeel (ginger), aniseed and a plenty more.
  • Shopping

    A great range of imitations are available in the shopping areas of Cairo. Pyramids made up of alabaster, onyx local souvenirs, painted papyrus and camels stuffed wit sawdust are the main local goods that you can buy before leaving the city. Souqs (Arabic name for bazaars) are the main shopping places in the city. Khan El-Khalili Bazaar at 8 El Khoronfesh Street is the most entertaining and the central tourist shopping place in Cairo. It is the hearth of city's Islamic part. Jewellery, antiques, top-quality spices, cheap clothes, quality local souvenirs, perfume shops, cafes and more are found here. Gold Market (Downtown), Silver Market (Downtown), Spice Market (Downtown) and Tentmakers Bazaar (the south of Bab Zweyla) are some of the other major markets of the city.

    In addition to the shops selling local products and souvenirs, there are many department stores, shopping centers, bookshops and specialty shops at the city. Citystars is the biggest modern mall of Egypt. Madi Grand Mall, Yamama Center and Nile Hilton Mall are the examples among the shopping centers of Cairo.

The New Jersey-Istanbul-Cairo Triangle

Kutlukhan Perker turned a short story by g. Willow Wilson into a graphıc novel called caıro that appeals as much for its illustratıons as for the story it tells.

G. Willow Wilson is a young writer who was born in New Jersey in 1982. A history major in college, she spent time in Cairo where she studied Arabic and Arab literature. Kutlukhan Perker, who has lived in New York City since 2001, is a young cartoonist whose work has appeared in publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker. His illustrations for Wilson’s Cairo complete the New Jersey-Istanbul-Cairo triangle.  Out now in Turkish (Kahire), Cairo chronicles the adventures, centering around a magical narghileh, of protagonists whose paths cross when they come to the city for entirely different reasons.

In Quest Of Mevlevism
This book about the Mevlevi lodges (Mevlevihane) that represent the ideas and works of Mevlânâ Jalaladdin Rumi will give you an up-close acquaintance not only with the Mevlevi organization, whose foundations were laid in Konya in the time of the Seljuks and spread through the Ottoman lands, but also with a cultural ecosystem embracing the Middle East, the Balkans and Crimea. 

Ticket Sales Offices : Cairo

THY City Ticketing Office - Cairo
Address 17th Sabri Abu Alem St.Talaat Harb Sq.Kasr El Nile DownTown/Cairo
Phone 00 20 23960510
Call Center: 8000009145 (only for land line)
Fax 00 20 23908165
Work Hours

Sunday, Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00 Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00

THY Operation Office - Cairo
Address Cairo International Airport Terminal 3 Arrival Hall Office No: 125-2-555
Phone 00202 26966760/61
Call center: 8000009145 (only for land line)
Work Hours

Working hours: 7/24

THY Ticketing Office
Phone 0020 26966760
Call center: 0800009145 (only for land line)
Work Hours

Everyday: 07:00 - 15:00 / 15:00 - 23:00 / 23:00-07:00

THY Cargo - Cairo
Phone 00202 22687753
00202 22687754
Fax 00 20 10 3361962
Work Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 09:00-17:00 (Fridays and holidays excluded)

  • Cairo : Airport Information

    Cairo Intl. Airport

    Address : Cairo International Airport, Oruba Road, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
    Phone : +20 2 2265 5000 / +20 2 2265 2222
  • Cairo : Airport Map Information

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