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Tabriz plane ticket

City Guide : Tabriz

Tabriz which is the fourth largest cities of Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan province has a magnificent history. Ilhanids,Qaraqoyunlus, Aqqoyunlus and Safevids choose this city as their capital. Regarding geographical situation it is considered as Iran’s gate to west. For this reason, a lot of modern constructions and activities in Iran were firstly seen in Tabriz. Because it is on the way of Silk Road , it was a very rich city. However, its past was not always that bright. It experienced The Mongol invasion and tyranny, huge earthquakes. Tabriz is also the birth place of Shams-i Tabriz who is the teacher of Mavlana. Because of all these facts, the Azerbaijanis call the city “the Mother of Azerbaijan’’. Tabriz owns a major share and value in Iran’s industrial production. The modern industrial pruductions in Tabriz are automotive, food productions, machine, chemistry, petrol rafinery, cement, electric/electronic goods and textile.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Because of its magnificent past, Tabriz has so many historical artifacts in it. The city was known with its textile art in the period of Safavids, just like Esfahan and Kazvin. The Azerbaijan Museum which has the ethnological and archeological artifacts in it is very important. It is built in 1957 and restored in 1962. There is variety of samples of the dresses from the immigrants and tribes who has lived here, in the Ethnological Artifacts Department of this museum. And in the Department of Archeology there is remaining variety of antiques from four thousand years ago. Finally, in the Department of Constitutional Revolution, there can be seen political photos and documents belonging to the near history of Tabriz.

    Tabriz is a city of poets. The evidence for this is the Cenotaph of Poets in the Sakau’l-Islam Street. In course of time, it has become touristic and the some touristy places have built in the name of Makbaratush-Shoera. There is also the tomb of great poet Shahriyar in this Cenotaph. And some of the other famous poets who lie in this Cenotaph are: Esedi-i Tusee, Katran-ı Tabriz, Humam-ı Tabrizee, Falake Shervanee.

    In the Bilankûh town there is remaining two big artists’ tomb from 8. and 9.centuries. The tomb of poet Kamaladden Mohammad Masood Hajandee and miniaturist Kamaladden are still being visiting by tourists.

    The mosque which is known as “the blue mosque” because of its beautiful ceramics and built by Shah Cihan has damaged by so many earthquakes, but also has restored well. And the Tabriz Big Mosque is one of the artifacts from the 1.century (in the Islamic calendar). This building has built on eight cornered columns and has variety of rooms and harems.

    There are two tombs on the top of Aynal and Zeynal mountains which built with Ilhans’ architectural style. For some rumors, these are the tombs of two sons of Hz.Ali (the fourth caliphate of Islam).

    Some other historical places are Mescid-i Kabud, The park of Gulistan Garden, House of Mashrutiyat , Antique Kırk Kız Bridge, Mescid of Teachers and Shakirds, Red Kumbed, tomb of Sheikh Shahabadden, the of the author of “Gülşen-i Râz” Sheikh Mohammad Shabustaree.

    If you have enough time, you can visit Kendovan which is 60km far from Tabriz. There are still some families living in the caves which have sculpted into very interesting rocks by the Kendovan villagers. And the honey of this place is also a very famous one.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    All the women, no matter they are native Iranians or tourists, have to wear hijab(cover their heads with a headscarf). But these hijabs are not monotype; there are variety of colors and styles among women. Some traditional women prefer wearing black chadors. Women sit back side of the bus and men sit forward in buses.

    Most of the population consists of Shiites. In the 9th and 10th of Moharram, the date which İmam Husayn and his relatives were martyred, all the people go out to commemorate this sadfull event in very early hours in the morning. They congregate at the main squares of the city and express their grief. They go the square of ceremony by hitting themselves and crying. All the streets, houses, mosques and tombs fill with pain and sadness. And forty days after it is “Arbain” which means forty in Arabic. The ceremonies remain till to this day night. No live music is heart in restaurants and most of the places are closed.

    The most elite place of this city is called Vel-I Asr, “the small west of Tabriz”. There are so many international shopping halls here. And the teenagers usually spent time in the Internet cafes.

  • Food & Drink

    The pomegranate apple of Iran is very famous and it has a lot of purpose of usage. They use it in so many different type of food with its acerb. Especially the soup of pomegranate apple is very popular. Iran kitchen is very greasy and gravy.

    One of the national foods of Iran “the Abgosht” is best cooked in Tabriz. For Abgosht, first of all the boiled meat, usually a calf meat, comes in a mortar. In addition, they serve a soup which is done with green pea, potato, tomato and onion. You pour this soup into the mortar as much as you can and start pestle the mortar. Finally the meal is eaten with delicious Iran bread which is called “sengak”. It is a bread looks like a phyllo and special to Iran only. However the most popular food in Tabriz is koofteh.
  • Shopping

    Tabriz is one of the greatest and most important markets of the East. It is very special for the reason of the length of bazaar, its small cervanserais, architectural style and the variety of artisans. The number of small shopping areas and cervanserais are almost 20. It was the most glorious trade center of the Northwest of the country, and so it is now also. Another feature of this place is having historical buildings.

    The famous, bazaar of Ibrishim, bazaar of Shams and the bazaar of Mavlana are the other trade centers which are worth to visit. There can be seen good examples of rugs, carpets, felt-carpets and shawls. In addition to this, crockery, wicker basket, towel and blanket, silk and wool fabric textile, silver making, shoe making are the important handcrafts of this city.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Tabriz

Tabriz City Office
Address Shahryar Int, Hotel, ground Floor Elgoli Ave, Tabriz - IRAN
Phone +98-411-3296353
Fax +98-411-3296357
Work Hours

Saturday - Wednesday: 09:00 to 17:00
Thursday: 09:00 to 13:00 on Fridays and
City office is closed on Fridays and public holidays.

Phone +98-411-2670151-2
Call center: +98 21 23546
Fax +98-411-2670155
Work Hours

Sales desk is open during flight operation dates and times.

Address THY
Phone 009821 55 67 83 10
Fax 009821 55 67 83 11
Work Hours  
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    Tabriz Airport

    Phone : +98-411-2670151-2
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