Another ‘World’s Best’

Voted the world’s top symphony orchestra in 2008 by Gramophone Magazine, one of the world’s leading classical music periodicals, the dutch Royal Concertgebouw is at Golden Horn Congress Center on november 10.

This has been an intense and heartwarming year for classical music lovers in Turkey. And it’s not over yet. Indeed, the encouraging news continues to pour in. Following the İKSV’s Istanbul Music Festival concerts and the Berlin Philharmonic concert in September, music lovers have enjoyed several firsts for the city and some of the world’s best. Now in November they have yet another opportunity. Guest of Golden Horn Congress Center on November 10, the Royal  Concertgebouw, conducted by maestro Lorin Maazel, is regarded as one of the world’s top symphony orchestras. Don’t miss this magnificent orchestra’s concert.

The program for the Royal Concertgebouw’s concert on November 10, under guest conductor Lorin Maazel, includes Dutch composer Peter van Anrooy’s Piet Hein Rhapsody,  excerpts from Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet Suites, and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F minor.