Rose Comes Away First Champion

The most important golf event ever held in Turkey to date, the Turkish Airlines World Golf final ended on October 12 with English golfer justin rose’s victory.

Host to a fierce competition among the eight top names in world golf, the tournament at Antalya Golf Club saw enormous interest in all the matches played.  

First winner, Justin Rose said he had previously been unaware of Turkey as a golf destination. But, he pointed out, after coming to Antalya and seeing some of the courses he realized that this was indeed a great golf destination. Rose also said that people who play golf in Britain normally choose destinations like Spain and France in winter but that this tournament was definitely going to put Turkey’s name on the map as a world class golf destination. Rose added that winning undefeated in a tournament with the world’s top eight golfers was extremely encouraging for him. In short, the tournament’s first champion Justin Rose left the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final very happy both as a tourist and as a professional golfer.


Rose said he really liked the tournament format. Following an exciting elimination round, he naturally took the most pride in being paired with a big name like Tiger Woods in the semi-final and eliminating him as well. The most critical moment in the Rose-Woods pairing was at the 14th hole when Rose, who was one stroke behind Woods up to that point, took a one-stroke lead with an eagle and maintained his advantage right up to the 18th hole. Leaving Tiger Woods out of the loop, Rose in the final faced Lee Westwood, who had earlier routed Charl Schwartzel and broken a record in the semi-final.


Justin Rose’s final match was as close as his semi-final. Golf lovers experienced the pleasure of watching a nail-biting match whose champion was undecided right up to the last hole. Said Rose of the final, “I think Lee used up all his good puts breaking a record in the semi-final. Rose passed Westwood, who failed to show his previous day’s success on the green, with a one-stroke lead to claim the one-and-a-half million-dollar prize. At the awards ceremony after the final round, Turkish Airlines’ Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Sales Faruk Çizmecioğlu and Turkish Golf Federation President Ahmet Ağaoğlu handed Rose the tournament’s cup.


Another match eagerly anticipated at Belek took place in the elimination round. This faceoff between world number one Rory McIlroy and the legendary Tiger Woods saw at least as much interest as the final. Leading the match from start to finish, Woods beat McIlroy, who appeared to be somewhat off form throughout the tournament.

Before they played in the Turkish Airlines World Golf Final, we asked the golfers their thoughts about and expectations of Turkey:

Justin Rose
I’m going to Turkey with an open mind and looking forward to experiencing the local culture.

Lee Westwood
Turkey is one of those intriguing places that I’ve always wanted to visit but because they have not had a major golf tournament there and my schedule is very hectic, I have never had the opportunity.

Tiger Woods
I’ve heard wonderful things about the country and the people.

Charl Schwartzel
I’ve always considered Turkey as one of the places on my ‘must visit list’.

Rory Mcilroy
It is a country where the golf Tour never visits so to get a change to play somewhere different is always exciting.

Webb Simpson
Great country. I am excited to visit again.

Hunter Mahan
I’ve only heard incredible things about Turkey, it’s people, beautiful scenery.  I always look forward to playing golf abroad.

Matt Kuchar
I’m excited about the chance to get to Turkey and experience a new country.