Convert Miles earned from Miles&Smiles Credit Card your Miles into Status Miles

Convert all your miles into status miles

Miles&Smiles will keep you smiling with its newest offer. Now if you have a Miles&Smiles credit card, you can convert miles into status miles at a rate of 1/5; making it even easier to accumulate enough status miles to upgrade or maintain your membership.

Terms & Conditions

  • Members can earn one status Miles by redeeming 5 Miles from their member accounts to upgrade or maintain their membership status.
  • The Miles which are converted to Status Miles will be deleted from member account.
  • Members can earn up to maximum 40.000 Status Miles by redeeming their  Miles within each calendar year.
  • The converted status Miles will be added into the necessary Miles which are required qualifying to upgrade tier level or maintaining the status within the first or the last two years.
  • Such transactions are non-refundable.
  • Members can redeem their Miles to Status Miles only from their own accounts.
  • It is not possible to transfer Miles between the member accounts.
  • Only Miles&Smiles Credit Card holders can benefit from this application, and Miles earned from Miles&Smiles Credit Card can be converted to Status Mile.
  • Status Miles that has converted from Miles are subject to the  terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles Program.
  • Sms  and an e-mail message are send to our members after the conversion completed.

14.08.2015 Updated