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Basel flight ticket

City Guide : Basel

Standing on the both sides of the upper Rhine, Basel is the most third populous and a highly cosmopolitan city of Switzerland. Basel located at the center of the north-western part of Switzerland is a border city situated in Dreiländereck, the triangle formed by the three countries of Switzerland, France and Germany. The city is the place for a high density of international corporations. Having the most dynamic economy of Switzerland, Basel becomes conspicuous with its knowledge-based pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It is a city of multi-faceted cityscape arising from the gorgeous Rhine.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Basel boasts with its great range of cultural treasuries, places of interests and public places. In addition to its modern architectures and nostalgic fountains, the city is the heaven of innumerable high-class museums.

    Munster Cathedral placed at the Münsterplatz Square is one of the fundamental features of the city. The Cathedral is remarkable with its red walls of sandystones and colorful roof tiles. The urban settlement of Basel started at this Cathedral Hill.

    The terrace behind the cathedral is known as the Pfalz because the residence of the city's bishop was placed next to this place. The Pfalz meaning “palace” is glorious looking over the Rhine and offering the best views from the field where the borders of French, German and Swiss countries meet.

    Having a height of 105 meters, Messeturm is the tallest inhabited structure of the city. The building has 31 storeys and is viewable from long distance.

    On the Münsterhügel, the River Birsig, a tributary of the Rhine, flows into the Rhine via an underground channel. Here, Mittlere Brücke replacing the old bridge resides.

    The City Fortifications

    The remnants of the city fortifications constructed after the earthquake of 1356 are enchanting enough to make you trance by the city history. St. Alban fortifications, Froschenbollwerk and the three gates of the numerous gates of this term are the most dramatic parts among these remnants. These three gates are Spalentor, St. Albantor and St. Johanns-Tor. Celtic Wall (Keltenwall) placed at the Archaeological Park of Rittergasse are among the most significant fortifications. This city fortification was built by the Celtics in 40s B.C.

    The City of High-Class Museums

    Basel is famous for its museums of rich traditional collections. With its about forty diversified museums, the city has genuine and internationally popular museums. Kunstmuseum (Museum of Fine Arts) is the oldest art collection of the world. Fondation Beyeler (Beyeler Foundation) established in 1997 has a wealthy collection of about 180 classical modern pieces and a great deal of historical art objects. Tinquely Museum is home to the Works of Jean Tinquely who is a great sculptor in iron. Antikenmuseum (Museum of Antiquities), Museum der Kulturen (Museum of Cultures), Historische Museum (History Museum) and Gewerbemuseum (Museum of Trade) are some of the other popular museums of Basel.

    The Cty of Attractive Fountains

    This wonderland of architecture, art and culture is home to alluring fountains from different times throughout the city's history. Augustiner, Gemsberg, Holbein, Cathedral Mount, Pisoni and Tinguely are among the most popular fountains of Basel.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    In addition to a great range of genuine museums harboring cultural treasuries of a broad cathegory, Basel is home to many theaters, concert halls, Switzerland's best music theater, a great range of open-air concerts, music venues, art galleries, cinemas and the famous Fasnacht.

    Basel hosts the largest theater of the country, Theater Basel. The stages of this theater has a large repertoire of opera, drama and ballet. The three main stages of Theater Basel are Grosse Bühne, Kleine Bühne and Schauspielhaus. Musical Theater Basel has a magnificent repertoire of charming and alluring productions throughout the year. A plenty of many small theaters are placed at the city to offer from a wide range of genres.

    Basel is the city of a rich cultural accumulation. Classical music, jazz and comtemporary productions are amply implemented. Basel Music Academy (Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel) is a world-wide popular academy being home to students from every part of the world. Jazz music is the most special feature of the Basel's music. Hochschule für Musik (the part of the Basel Music Academy) and the Basel School of Jazz are the main locations for Jazz education. The Off Beat/JSB Jazz festival is one of the most significant festivals in Switzerland and Europe. Basler Madrigalisten, Basel Sinfonietta, Chamber Orchestra Basel and Symphony Orchestra Basel (Sinfonieorchester Basel) are placed at the city.

    Basel is home to a great range of leisure activities from sports to recreational areas. The city stands as the sports capital of Switzerland. Ice skating, mountain bike, riding, open air and indoor swimming pools, water sports, wintersports and more are offered by the city.

    Basel is home to four ferries. These water vehicles crossing the Rhine River are used for public transportion. Ferry ride is an unprecedented experience that you should not miss. Also, Black Forest is one of the top recerational and natural areas in Basel.
  • Food & Drink

    Basel is the city of unlimited gastronomic alternatives. The city boasts with its world-class and top-ranking restaurants. The national and international delicacies of the city cuisine allure the person. Portuguese, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Greek, Anatolian, American and a great deal of more flavors are served to your tastes.

    Alsace and Black Forest areas are two of the best gastronomic places at the city where you will find a wide range of restaurants and the other eateries.

    Also, Basel is popular with its cofee houses and tea rooms. Most of these locations have a large menu of pastries and cakes.
  • Shopping

    Basel is the paradise of a great range of specialty boutiques and genuine shoppes. The inner city and the Old Town area are the best representatives of this kind of paradise at the city.

    Aeschenvorstadt, Freie Strasse, Gerbergasse and Marktplatz are among the fundamental shopping places located at the city center. Spalenberg and Heuberg at the Old Town are significant shopping locations filled with boutiques.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Basel

Address Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Terminal 4 Abflug, CH-4030 Basel/Switzerland
Phone Hotline:
Switzerland: +41 (0) 848 444 849
France: +33 (0) 825 800 902
Germany: +49 (0) 1 805 849 266
Fax +41 61 325 49 91
Work Hours

Weekdays 08:30-12:00 / 13.00-17.30

Weekend: 08.30-12.00 / 15.00-17.30

THY Cargo
Address Post Fach 341 Flughafen CH-8058 Zürich/Switzerland
Phone 043865019
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-18.00

Cargo GSA
Address ATC Aviation Services AG, Flughofstrasse 42, 8152 Glattbrugg/Switzerland
Phone 061 262 0100 / +41 44 874 67 74
Work Hours

Weekdays 09.00-18.00

  • Basel : Airport Information

    Basel Airport

    Address : Flughafen Basel-Mulhouse, Postfach 142, CH - 4030 Basel, Switzerland
    Phone : +41 61 325 31 11
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