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Chisinau flights

City Guide : Chisinau

Moldova’s capital city Kishinev is established along one of the branches of Dniester River, on a fertile land. Although majority of the population is Moldovian, there are also minorities such as Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Gagavuz, Russian, German and Greek. Country’s traditions and culture date back hundreds of years before. Though there are almost 12 thousand Muslim people in Kishinev, which has big vineyards around it, has no mosque.8 thousand of Gagavuz Turks live in Kishinev.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Kishinev’s old street “Albisoara” is in the state of city center. Oldest churches of the city, Mazarache and Constantin si Elena, are in Albisoara. Also this region has central offices of big banks,florist street,Cathedral Park,Stefan Cel Mare Park that was adorned with classical sculptures, Patria Cinema where the films have been shown since the beginnig of 19th century and National Opera-Ballet Hall.Moldova Parliament Building,opposite of it designed as a flower Presidency Building and builded with Vienna Baroque style Herta House which belongs to National Fine Arts Museum are also in this area.

    There are many important structures around Albisoara. Moldova’s one of the oldest universities Moldova Medical School, Botanical Garden (behind Medical School) and Observatory are in Albisoara too. Behind these remarkable structures, Moldova National History and Ethnography Museum ia the only building, which carries oriental traces, of the country.

    Moldovians’ pleasure-giving venue is Valea Moriler Square. Its errand is decorated with old settlements which were build in 19th century. There areas are generally used by ambassadors and national organizations. Again, Official Moldova Television and Radio is a walk distance away from the settlement knowns as “Telwcentru”.The institutions which are belong to Moldova Republic Science Academy, Heroes Monument, Gun and Ammunition Museum, Rota Big Bridge, zoo form other places to visit in Kishinev.

    Ethnography and Archeology Museum, built by Moldova Science Academy in 1958,accepts its guests in a building dates back19th century. In museum,10thousand of them special,800thousand pieces have been exhibited since 1977.Today, it is possible to pieces belong to different ages in this museum which is on 35th Street in Banulescu-Bodoni.Especially panoramic decorations affect people in museum.Museum in which translator and guide can be found is open to free visit between 9:00-17:00 throughout the weekdays except Monday.

    Kishinev has two more important museums.263 thousand pieces of five branches are exhibited in National History Museum. Every year 15 new exhibitions acceptes as being among the Moldova’s most important organizations are opened. Ethnography and National History Ethnology Museum whose history dates back 119 years before is famous with its geographic, ethnographic, palaeontologic, archeologic, zoologic and coin collections. To see Moldova’s natural and cultural values here is the true address. Besides these ten thousand pieces, you can also see the whole skeleton of Gigantisimus dinosaur andand the special carpets which belong to Basarabian culture. Both museums are open between 9.00–17.00 all week except Monday.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Moldova is among the top countries which have rich ethnic culture of Europe. Because of this condition every guest is greeted with special affection in Moldova. Generally guests are invited to room which is called “case mare”(big room).In this traditional room, which every house has one, meals are eaten together. There are many festivals that everybody can join in Moldova.

    The festival named as “Martisor” is accepted as the symbol of spring. In every March, Moldovians greet the revival of spring with their white and red coloured clothes. In this celebration, special foods are cooked. Ciresar, Limba Noastra and Maria Bresu are their other important festivals.

    Moldova State Art Museum, Moldova Republic National Library, Şekov Russian Drama Theatre, Opera and Balet, Moldova State University, Economy Academy, Technical University and Moldova International Independent University are the main cultural institution in Kishinev. Opera, theatre and balet are the most important art branches in the city. Puppet theatre is also important.

    There is an important sauna culture everywhere in Moldova. Furthermore, if Kishinev visitors have time for such a good experience, they will not regret.
  • Food & Drink

    Moldova’s most famous food “sarmali” is similar to Turks’s “sarma”.Because there are many vineyardsaround the country, sarmali is common.”Mamaliga”(made with corn flour and butter),another food similar to Turkish cuisine, is like Black Sea region’s “mıhlama”.Mamaliga is eaten with fish.”Acika” is also a familiar sauce with red pepper. Their ravioli is relatively big like the ones cooked in China. It is served with cream instead of yoghurt.

    The most famous patty of the region is “plaçenta”.Plaçenta is made with cheese, jam, potato, ground meat or cabbage. Another kind of patty is “pireşki” that is cooked in Iran. Pireşki which can be found in bazaars are fried with oil.

    The main soup of Eastern Europe and Russia, borsch can be nearly found everywhere in Moldova. Another Soup,”tukmaş”,is cooked with chopped paste into boned-meat water. Boiled and eaten cold with jelly, chicken food “raçitura”is one of the foods which is to be tasted in Kishinev.
  • Shopping

    There are many shopping malls in Kishinev. Also, Art Street is one of the places that you can both wander and buy souvenirs. It is possible to find so many hand-made souvenirs that belong to Kishinev.
Route Map: Istanbul – Chisinau Flight

Quiet and Green : Kişinev

And truly, this is a city of wide boulevards, blue lakes and parks in every shade of green, an airy and refreshing city bursting with vitality. Set on seven hills just like Istanbul, Chisinau until the 19th century was small settlement, so tiny as to be termed a village. Declared a sister city of Ankara in 2001, it lies along the shores of the River Bic, a tributary of the Dniester. Known for its vineyards since medieval times, it stands out today for its abundance of artistic venues. Besides such cultural institutions as an opera, a theater and a concert hall, it also boasts the only music and folklore theater of the Soviet era.

Strolling through the city

You can discover the city’s key landmarks by strolling along its main thoroughfare, Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great). The 19th century Cathedral of St. Tiron, the Office of the Governor, the Parliament, the National Theater, the New Opera and Ballet.. all are in this area. The National Museum of Archaeology and History meanwhile is one of the most interesting stops in the city, laying out the history of Moldova, which achieved its independence in 1989.  Our next stop is the Nasterea Domnului Cathedral.

This temple rising in a park at the city center has a bell tower dating to 1836. Touring the museum house where the famous Russian writer Pushkin spent three years is another pleasant way of passing the time here. Following a city tour of a few hours, it’s time to sample the local culinary treats. An amalgam of Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian cuisines, Chisinau repasts feature dishes like mamaliga, made of corn flour, butter and kasheri cheese, sarmali, highly spiced acika, and a variety of beurek called placinta. After we eat, it’s time to branch out into the environs. Situated at the heart of Moldova, Chisinau is an ideal starting point for tours of a day or more into the countryside. Lake Valea Morilor near the city center is a good choice for a boat tour. Featuring all this and more, Chisinau more than deserves a place on your travel agenda.

How to go?
Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Chisinau-Istanbul daily flights. Flight times are 9:40 a.m. and 4:40 p.m. from Istanbul and 12:05 p.m. and 7:05 p.m. from Chisinau.

Underground Labyrinth

Located at Cricova some 20 kilometers from Chisinau, Mileştii Mici is a giant wine cellar that has entered the Guinness Book of Records. Caves in the foothills of the mountains were transformed into a wine cellar connected by tunnels totaling 120 kilometers in length. Some of the galleries, where white stone was once extracted, can only be toured by automobile today.

Ticket Sales Offices : Chisinau

Chisinau City Office
Phone Bilet Satış ve Rezervasyon : 00373 22 810380
Call Center: 0800 61 457
Fax 00373 22 810 388
Work Hours

Weekdays 09:00-17:00

Address Bd. Dacia 80/3 Aeroportul International Chisinau. Moldova
Phone Bilet Satış ve Rezervasyon : 00373 22 525095 – 00373 22 525472
Yolcu İlişkileri : 00373 22 525078
Call Center : 0800 61 457
Fax 00 373 22 525006
Work Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 08:00-11:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday : 19:00-22:00

Phone 00373 22 237110
Call Center: 0800 61 457
Fax 00373 00 238377
Work Hours  
Quehenberger Mdv
Phone 00373 69 745409
Call Center: 0800 61 457
Fax 00373 00 569910
Work Hours  
Phone 00373 22 636660
Call Center : 0800 61 457
Fax 00373 22 639590
Work Hours  
Univers Cargo S.R.L.
Address Chisinau Aeroport 11/ap.53
Phone 373 22 524437
Call Center : 0800 61 457
Fax 373 22 525964
Work Hours  
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    Chisinau Airport

    Address : Chisinau Airport, Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2026
    Phone : +373 22 52 54 12
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