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Nurnberg Special Offer / Departure City : Istanbul

All Inclusive

Departure Arrival Days Special Offer
Istanbul / Ataturk Airport Nurnberg / Nuremberg Airport
All flight days
119 $

Nurnberg : Term for Special Offer

  • Departure Period: :

    01 November 2016 - 31 March 2017

    This promotion isn't valid between these dates : 30 December 2016-11 January 2017

  • Purchasing Period:

    23 May 2016 - 13 June 2016

  • Advance Ticketing :

    Tickets must be purchased within 1 day(s) after making your reservation.

  • Minimum Stay :

    3 day(s) or Sunday (Return must start after 12:00 am on the first Sunday.)

  • Maximum Stay :

    3 month(s)

  • Special offer is all inclusive (all taxes, fees and surcharges ) and subject to availability (due to limited seat capacity)
  • Special offer may change subject to currency fluctuation.
  • Rebooking, cancellation and refund terms is subject to class of ticket.
  • Turkish Airlines can change conditions of promotion
  • Other restrictions may apply depending on route and travel dates.
  • For further information/assistance please go to Turkish Airlines Sales Office or Call +90 212 4440849
Route Map: Istanbul – Nurnberg Flight
Nurnberg Speical Offers

City Guide : Nurnberg

Nurnberg is the second biggest city after Munich in the state of Bavaria which is located in southeastern Germany. It constitutes the center of economy and culture with its neighbour cities such as Fürth, Erlangen and Schwachbach. Nurnberg is settled on the both sides of Pegnitz River which is 115 kilometers length. The river passes the city along 14 kilometers in both east and west directions, then joins The Rednitz River. It is generally wet in Nurnberg. The number of rainy days is more than the number of dry days. It is unknown when exactly the city was found but in the found documents that belongs to King 3rd Heincrih era in 1050, this city was mentioned as “Nuorenberc (Rocky Mountain)”. Nurnberg has lived it golden age between 1470 and 1530, and it was one of three most important cities along with Prague and Köln in Holy Rome Empire. Nurnberg became one of the first centers for industry in Germany after The Industrial Revolution. In 1835, the first railway which has been used for public transport in Germany, was built between Nurnberg and Fürth. Before the Second World War city was a stage of big Nazi demonstrations, but it was almost totally demolished during war. The Court of Nurnberg, in which the war criminals were judged, was also built in this city. Today Nurnberg is growing as a metropolitan city with its 18 percent foreign popularity. Development in service industry starting in the late 70’ies made the city a center for economy, engineering, marketing and e-trade. At the moment, as one of the fastest growing fair centers in Europe, in Nurnberg 50 fairs are being organized including the annual biggest toy fair and 1.2 million people are attending.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    In Nurnberg, there are a lot of places especially reflect the cultural richness.  Exhibition centers like National German Museum, House of Albrecht-Dürer, New Art and Design Museum, historical Kaiserburg, monuments, fountains and churches can be good examples. 

    Kaiserburg, which is located in the highs of the city, is a real symbol of Nurnberg. This castle was one of the most important residences for the king in the Holy Rome Empire era in 1050-1571. Especially, the rooms of the kings, weapons and furniture which belong to that era are very impressive. 

    Arbrecht Dürer who was one of the most important names of humanism and reform period lived in Nurnberg. The house in which Durer had lived and worked as a painter, graphic artist, mathematician and an art theoretician in between   1509 and 1528 is now converted to a museum.  In museum both the works and the private belongings of Durer could be seen. Visiting hours for the museum: everyday from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm (except Mondays) and open till 8:00 pm on Thursdays.

    The history of Weisser Turm which located in the old city square belongs to the year of 1250. 
    In 1981, a fountain was built in front of the tower which was restored after the Second World War. The fountain, named Ehekarussell, created with an inspiration by a love poem by sculptor Jürgen Weber. Every stages of a marriage are being described in six scenes. The fountain which is a description of a marriage that starts with passion and ends with death is one of the symbols of Nurnberg.

    Frauenkirche is the first gothic and Hellenistic church of the area. It was converted to a church in 1355 by King Karl IV by maintaining and old ruined synagogue. St. Elisabeth, St. Egidien, St. Jacob, St. Klara churches and St. Lorenz and St. Sebald basilicas are other architecturally famous religious and historical structures in the city. 

    For the ones who want to breathe the city air Handwerkerhof is the area worth seeing. Handwerkerhof which is surrounded by old city castle and towers and just opposite of the big train station is very famous with its handcrafts. A lot of handmade staff from jewellery to toys, from clothes to kitchenware could be found in the area.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Nurnberg comes forward especially with its music festivals and museums. Apart from the Albrecht Dürer museum, there are other 10 museums exhibits goods belong to the middle age, the Second World War and industrial culture and also toy museum and traffic museum.

    One of the most important music activities in the city is International Orgel Week (Internationale Orgelwoche) which is being held since 1951 every year in June and July. This festival is also known as “The Oldest Music Festival in Europe”, in concerts a wide range of songs reaches to middle age could be listened.

    The Open Air Festival in Nurnberg is known as Woodstock for classical music holds the open air classical music activities. The festival which is being organized in July and August since 2000, with its approximately 100.000 guests, is the biggest classical music organization. The Festival is in picnic mood and there is no entrance fee.  

    The city is also sensitive to the rock music. A festival called Rock im Park which is being held since 1997 in Zeppelinfield stadium is one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe.
  • Food & Drink

    Nurnberg cuisine is famous with two types of food: Lebkuchen and Bratwurst. Lebkuchen is a type of spicy scone made of at least 25 percent almond, nut or walnut and citrus, honey and egg. This scone is registered as Nürnberger Lebkuchen. 

    Bratwurst is a general type of sausage made of pork.  It has a fast food menu called as “Drei im Weggla”. Bratwurst is a sandwich made of three small sausages in two slices of bread and one of the most favourite dishes among tourists. 

    The meat that does not have pork is called “Ochsenmaul“and it is a type of beef which can be used in salads.

    You can choose the café’s on the streets to get these traditional meals in Nurnberg. Detailed information about what to get in which restaurant can be found in the city brochures that printed by the municipality. You can also easily find different cuisine choices, especially Italian food, apart from traditional food. 
  • Shopping

    It is very pleasant to do shopping especially in the old city center of Nurnberg because of renewed walking zone in 1996 is known as one of the biggest streets in Europe. There are many luxurious boutiques, shiny shops and shopping centers. 

    An other shopping spot is the area around Lorenz Church. Along Karolinen street, it is possible to do shopping for everyone and suitable for any pocket. Kaisser Street which is next to Karolinen Street has mainly expensive brands. You could reach weekly market from this street. 

    You could buy handcrafts, mostly souvenirs, in Handwerkhof area which is just opposite to the big train station and surrounded by old city castle and towers.

Ticket Sales Offices : Nurnberg

Nurnberg Airport +49 69 86 799 849
Address Fluggastterminal Flughafenstrasse 100, 90411 Nürnberg
Phone Call Center : +49 69 86 799 849
0049-911-92972-12/-14/-16/ (Rezervasyon & Satış)
0049-911-9297213 (Istasyon Şefi)
0049-911-9297217 (Satış Şefi)
Work Hours

Weekdays : 09.00-13.00 / 14.00-18.00 Saturday/Sunday 09.00-13.30 / 16.00-18.00

Nuremberg Airport (Direktion) +49 69 86 799 849
Address Flughafen Strasse 100 90411 Nuremberg/GERMANY
Phone Call Center :+49 69 86 799 849
0049-911-929 72 10/11(Yönetim/Sekreterlik)
0049-911-929 72 15 (Pazarlama)
Fax 0049-911-28 95 37
Work Hours

Everyday 09.00-13.00 / 14.00-18.00

Mondial Airline Services +49 6105 2972-0
Address Kurhessenstr.11, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
Phone +49 6105 2972-0
Work Hours  
  • Nurnberg : Airport Information

    Nuremberg Airport

    Address : Nuremberg Airport, Nuremberg, Bavaria 90411 Germany
    Phone : +49 911 9 37 00
  • Nurnberg : Airport Map Information

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