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Simferopol flight ticket

City Guide : Simferopol

Simferopol, the capital of Crimea Autonomous Republic of Ukraine, is known as Akmescit in Turkey. The city is the administrative, scientific, cultural, and industrial center of Crimea. The city, which is in the center of Crimea, at the junction of highways, airways and railways, on the shores of Salhir River and the northern outskirts of Chatyrdagf, became an important commercial center in the 19th century. It has continued to play the same role in Crimea Autonomous Republic after Ukraine declared its independence in 1991. With the help of urban planning carried out during the Tsarist regime and Soviet era, the city has had an orderly layout which clearly shows the effect of Soviet Russian architecture.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The longest stream of Crimea, Salhir River runs through the middle of Simferopol. Both shores of the river are surrounded by parks, gardens and paths. The city is divided into two; the Old City and the New one. You may easily walk to anywhere in the city in 40 or 45 minutes.

    Crimea was ornamented with mosques in the past. The main mosque in Simferopol is the mosque Kebir built in 1804. It was heavily damaged during the communist regime. Having been used for other purposes for a while, the mosque started to be used as a place of worship after it was renovated by Crimean Tatars returning to homeland. It was renovated for the second time in 2002.

     There are many museums to visit in Simferopol. History Museum, Country Museum (the Crimean Republican Museum of Local Lore) and Simferopol Art Museum are the prominent ones. Crimea Tatar National Museum is in the making.

    The 86 km-long trolleybus line between Simferopol and Yalta is renowned as “the longest trolleybus line with the highest altitude”. As an alternative to railway lines passing through the mountains, it was built in 1950s. Travel with the trolleybus both nature-friendly and cheap lasts approximately two hours. Angarskiy Pass at the altitude of 753 is the highest point of the line.

    Built by the Iskit King Skyluros, Neapolis is situated in the Petrovskiy Valley lying 2 km southwest of Simferopol. The castle town built on a hill in Kermencik area stayed under the domination of the Scythians from the 3rd century BC to 4th century AD. It collapsed after Sarmat, Alan and lastly Got invasions. Today archeological excavations are carried out in the area. Findings are exhibited in Simferopol and Moscow Pushkin Museums.

    You should definitely see Bahcesaray 32 km southwest of Simferopol. Having served as the capital of Crimean Khanate from the 15th to the 18th centuries, this city is the historic capital of Crimean Tatars. The most important places to visit are Hansaray and the Fountain of Tears starring in poems.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    The city center is the area closed to traffic and surrounded by Karl Marks, Pushkin and Horkoho streets. There are cafés, restaurants and tourist stores in these streets. Tourist Information Center is inside the Hotel Ukraine. In the evening you may watch the concerts or theatrical programs of Crimea Tatar Academic Theater, or visit a variety of music restaurants and cafes.
  • Food & Drink

    Because Tatars have dealt with agriculture and animal-husbandry since antique ages, their food consists of all agricultural and animal products. Therefore, their cuisine mostly relies on pastries. The saying “The Tatar don’t feel full without pastries” confirms this fact. “Kobete”, “çibörek”, “sarburma”, “kıygaşa”, “tögerek”, “ cantık”, “kalakay”, and “kulaç” are the names of different types of Tatar pie. “Kaşık börek”, “kirde” and “tabak börek” are kinds of pasty. “Uvmaç”, “alişke”, “mıntik” and “lakşa” are the classical ones among the soup types. There are lots of buffets and restaurants in the city where you can eat raw pie.
  • Shopping

    There are many shops that you can visit in downtown. You can find handicraft gift products in the shops there.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Simferopol

Phone Call center: 0 800 501 207
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Fax +380 652 621 080
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Address FF Cargo Services Ukraine LTD. Ukraine 08307 Boryspıl Airport, Cargo Termianal Office 78
Phone 00 380 44 591 7894 / 00 380 50 351 3068
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  • Simferopol : Airport Information

    Simferopol Airport

    Address : Airport “Centralny”, Simferopol city, Ukraine, 95491
    Phone : +380 652 295545
  • Simferopol : Airport Map Information

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