Miles&Smiles Terms & Conditions




Enrollment Conditions

Turkish Airlines ”THY” is the only authority and organizer of this program. Miles&Smiles (hereinafter referred to as "Miles&Smiles") the frequent flyer program of Turkish Airlines, is designed to award its participants (the Members), i.e. the most valuable customers of Turkish Airlines, a wide range of special benefits in appreciation of their business. These customers are the members of the Miles&Smiles Program. THY reserves the right to include other airlines and  service companies to the program (such as hotels, car rental companies) and to allow earning  /redeeming miles via such companies.
There are certain conditions  for earning /redeeming miles and General Rules and Conditions of Miles&Smiles and these conditions are presented to you. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without any notice or liability. Changes on the rules and conditions indicated on this booklet and  all  other program rules and conditions as well as  any  special applications may  also be publicized  on Miles&Smiles information documents and our frequent communication channels such as Miles&Smiles guide booklet, Miles&Smiles newsletter, Miles&Smiles statements,  program  website, Skylife, Shop&Miles Credit Card  newsletter etc. By applying for membership to the Miles&Smiles Program, these customers, without prejudice to any existing and future agreements with Turkish Airlines, enter into a contractual agreement with Turkish Airlines as defined in these general terms and conditions and any subsequent additions and/or amendments thereto.


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1.1 To become a member: Membership of Miles&Smiles is open to all natural persons of at least two years of age who are permanently domiciled in a country in which Miles&Smiles is applied and permitted by law and they are able under the rules applicable to their personal status to become a Member of the program.
Membership is not open to legal entities or other groups or associations.



1.2 Enrollment: Membership begins upon completing and submitting the application form or with the first activity registered by using the temporary card attached to the application form. In doing so, they indicate their acknowledgement and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program available at 



1.3 Individual Memberships: Joint applications by several persons and multiple applications by the same person are not permitted.



1.4 THY’s right to evaluate the membership: Subject to their final acceptance into the program, persons submitting an application to join the Miles&Smiles program shall be entitled to the benefits available to Members as soon as they have submitted their application. THY  holds the right  to  reject  membership applications  without specifying  any reason. 



1.5 Dissolution, suspension, termination of membership: Members may leave the Miles&Smiles program at any time by submitting the appropriate written notification. THY may terminate the program without any reason subject to two weeks' notice. Turkish Airlines is entitled to immediately terminate its contractual relationship with a Member and will maintain it’s rights to take the member to the court and ask for compensation without any prior notification, if that Member;

(I) contravenes with General Terms and Conditions in the Miles & Smiles informative documents and Turkish Airlines“General Conditions of Carriage
(II) provides substantially false information (e.g. in details of flights flown) or takes advantage of the program illegally
(III) aggravates, annoys or attacks orally or physically Miles&Smiles or THY staff or other passengers and members; behaves contrarily to the directions of the staff in charge, especially during the flight or while being in CIP Lounges or damages the aircraft or cabin attendants’ properties.



1.6 The validity of miles in case of dissolution: In case of membership termination by the member or by THY, with prior notification, any miles accrued until termination shall be used within 6 months. In the meantime, the member holds the right to use the mileage in his/her account for an award in accordance with program rules and conditions. The member, however, may not claim any right on the mileage if it is not sufficient for any awards. If THY terminates the agreement contract with justifiable reasons, the member will consequently lose the right to use the mileage in his/her account.



1.7 The validity of program records: Subject to these general terms and conditions, Turkish Airlines is responsible for the administration of Members' personal Miles&Smiles accounts, including the calculation of mileage credits as well as for the provision of information on the awards offered by Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines is solely competent for the grant of awards and solely liable for the performance of these awards.


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2.1 Card Delivery: A Miles&Smiles Membership Card is sent to the Member once after a flight on Turkish Airlines or any of Star Alliance Member Airlines.
A full kit that includes baggage tags and membership guide is sent to the member after the member qualifies for Classic Plus membership status by collecting 25.000 status miles within 12 consecutive months.
The Membership Card is not sent to the Member who has no registered activity.The member can use his/her temporary membership card until receiving the original one.



2.2 Temporary Card: A provisional Membership Card stating the permanent personal membership number is included on the application form.



2.3 Individuality of Miles&Smiles card: The Miles&Smiles Membership Card is personal and not transferable, and must be signed by the Member to whom it is issued.



2.4 Property of the card: All Miles&Smiles Membership Cards shall remain the property of Turkish Airlines and must be returned upon termination of membership.



2.5 Loss of the card:  Lost, stolen or damaged Miles&Smiles Membership Cards will be replaced upon receipt of notification of such occurrence by Turkish Airlines.



2.6 Personal Identification Code (PIN code): PIN code which enables the member to request award or check his/her mileage account online is given to the members to be defined personally. You will be authorised to manage  your program entitlements via our website with your PIN code. A transaction made with the correct pin code is considered as a transaction made by the member. Therefore, in order to prevent the misuse and for the security of the accounts the member must ensure that the PIN is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties. Turkish Airlines can not be held liable for the misuse of the pin codes since the PIN code is created by the member or Miles&Smiles staff and given only to the member himself /herself. Member should contact Miles&Smiles staff stated on our information documents as soon as possible in the case he/she is suspicious of the use of the pin code by unauthorized persons or misuse of it. THY cannot be held liable for losses arising from any culpable failure to notify or belated notification and occurring before receipt of the notification, unless such losses are caused by wilful action or gross negligence. Liability is limited to material damage and financial loss that has occurred. Members cannot claim any other compensation due to losses except these circumstances.






3.1 Calculation Unit of Miles: Miles are the unit of calculation for the Miles&Smiles program and defined as Status Miles and Bonus Miles.
Status Miles are considered for upgrading to Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus Card status, for requalifying your status and for increasing your total mileage. Status Miles are collected by flying to many domestic and international destinations, at all applicable fares on scheduled flights of Turkish Airlines and/or Star Alliance carriers (except the free and charter flights). Detailed information regarding the mileage accrual on other Star Alliance member airlines can be viewed at
Bonus Miles are collected either by staying in the partner hotels, by renting cars from the partner car rental companies, or through use of the Miles&Smiles Credit Card offered as part of the Miles&Smiles Program, in cooperation with Garanti Bank. Bonus Miles are used for increasing your total mileage and for qualifying you for the awards (award tickets, companion tickets and upgrades).


3.2 Miles to be considered for crediting:  All program benefits shall be awarded according to the number of miles the Member has collected since joining the Miles&Smiles program.


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3.3 Personal Mileage account: All members shall have their own personal Miles&Smiles mileage account for the crediting of miles. Miles and accounts are not transferable (except the “Family Membership” application for Elite Plus Members). Miles can be redeemed as stated in Miles&Smiles Program rules and may not be exchanged for cash equivalents. Award tickets cannot be transferred and/or their validity cannot be extended or combined with any other means of payment. In order to receive an award ticket Miles& Smiles Program miles may not be transferred to other persons or members or may not be pooled with those of the other members to obtain a single award.
Miles&Smiles Programme miles cannot be transferred to any other frequent flyer programme account or cannot be pooled with the miles registered on another frequent flyer programme account.
In case of decease, the member's death certificate, heredity and certificate of renunciation approved by a notary public (the document showing that the other inheritors' waive from their rights) must be presented to Turkish Airlines   in order to transfer the deceased member's mileage to one of the inheritors' Miles&Smiles account. The related miles are transferred to the inheritor's account as Bonus Miles. The transferred miles are valid from the date which they were credited to deceased member's account.



3.4 Mileage collection: Miles will be credited to members' account according to current Miles&Smiles Program conditions. THY is authorized to change the rules of mileage accrual and redemption.

Turkish Airlines Frequent Flyer Program’s mileage accumulation, like many other airlines’ programs, is based on the IATA’s Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) manual. IATA TPM mileage values are published in Ticketed Point Mileage book by IATA periodically. Being an IATA member, mileage tables in our Frequent Flyer Program is referred tı TPM manual’s mileage values.

(I)On Turkish Airlines flights: For the Economy Class flights on Turkish Airlines, the actual distance between the departure and arrival points are credited to the Member's Miles&Smiles account. With Comfort Class purchased fares on Turkish Airlines flights, Member will earn 25% additional miles of the actual miles flown. Elite and Elite Plus members earn 1,50 miles of the actual miles flown while flying with Business Class revenue ticket on Turkish Airlines flights.With Business Class purchased fares on Turkish Airlines flights, Member will earn 50% additional miles of the actual miles flown. Elite and Elite Plus members earn double miles of the actual miles flown while flying with Business Class revenue ticket on Turkish Airlines flights.
On other Star Alliance member airlines flights: The number of miles earned depends on the booking class of the ticket when flying on Star Alliance carriers. Tables describing the mileage accrual depending on the booking classes can be viewed at
 (II) In accordance with IATA standards, irrespective of the actual miles flown,  a minimum mileage guarantee is applied. For Turkish Airlines Domestic flights, members will collect a minimum of 250 miles in Economy Class , 375 miles in Comfort Class and 500 miles in Business Class, for Turkish Airlines International flights, a minimum of 500 miles in Economy Class, 750 miles in Comfort Class and 1000 miles in Business Class are credited.
Minimum mileage guarantee is also applied on certain Star Alliance member airlines. Further information can be displayed at
 (III) Miles are awarded for Economy , Comfort, Business  travel. Members flying in Comfort, Business and  receive additional miles for their class of travel. Members receive additional mileage credit on travels which is applied on certain Star Alliance member airlines. Miles will be credited based on the fare originally paid and the class of travel booked and confirmed. Miles will not be awarded for tickets which are unused, date-expired or returned for monetary compensation.
 (IV) In order to collect Bonus Miles, members are required to buy the merchandises and services of the companies that Turkish Airlines has made agreements with or comply with the conditions of the program by making agreements with these companies. These companies are totally independent and Turkish Airlines is not responsible of the loss and damage claims against the activities of these companies.
 (V) The flight coupon must be used in order to collect miles for the related flight.



3.5 Mileage registration: Members are required to state their Miles&Smiles membership number when making their bookings and to present their Miles&Smiles Membership Card when checking in, to ensure that the miles they collect are correctly credited to their account. Once an activity is credited to Miles&Smiles program, it cannot be credited to any other frequent flyer account.



3.6 Crediting miles retroactively : If, for any reason (such as loss of Membership Card), miles are not credited for a flight taken or a service used, Members may request that the amount be retroactively credited to their account for up to twelve months following the flight or service concerned, by submitting adequate documentary evidence of the event (such as a copy of the ticket coupon and boarding card). Requests which are not made within 12 months after a flight taken or service used are not accepted, and documents will not be returned. The time limit for retroclaim requests may vary on Star Alliance member airlines. Regarding the retroclaim transactions on flights of other Star Alliance member airlines, the original of the boarding passes along with the ticket copies must be sent to Türk Hava Yolları B kapısı - Contact Center Binası Müşteri İlişkileri Müdürlüğü 34149 Yeşilköy/İstanbul, Turkey and for such retro claims, the date of contract which was signed with the related airline will be considered and flights made prior to the contract date will not be processed.



3.7 The validity of miles: Miles may be collected throughout the year. Collected miles (flight, hotel stay, car rental) expire at the end of the third full calendar year following their collection. You can pay 10 Euros for every 1000 miles that are about to expire and extend the validity of your miles by three years. Due to the high demand, members may not use the award for the requested date or route in high season, however, validity of the miles cannot be extended for any reason.
Expiry dates of the miles are reported to the members in the mileage summaries. The miles to expire must be ticketed before the expiration date. The miles which remained unused despite of the notifications on the mileage summaries will expire and there will be no further possibility of a revalidation.

3.8 Flights not eligible for mileage collection: Turkish Airlines reserves the right to fully or partly exclude certain fare, payment and/or passenger categories from the Miles&Smiles program upon reasonable prior notice. (Miles may not be collected on charter, rented or ID, AD ((except AD75N1 / N class), CG, BP, DG, DM, RG, GUMMUH, etc. coded free and discounted tickets and also on flights of non-partner airlines.) Miles will not be awarded for any flight or service for which the Member obtains benefits from another airline's loyalty bonus program. Mileage accrual is not permitted in classes U,O,W,X,N,P,C,D,J,Z,F,A on domestic flights and on international flights in classes U,W,O,I,R,X,N,G,C,D,J,Z,F,A,P of AnadoluJet which is a trademark of Turkish Airlines.

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3.9 Mileage claim regulations: All Members will receive regular statements to their e-mail addresses recorded on their Miles&Smiles profile giving their current mileage balance and further information on the Miles&Smiles program. Delivery of such statements and other information on the Miles&Smiles program can be ceased to any Member who has not collected program miles for more than one year. Members can have information regarding their accounts with pin codes and membership numbers via internet or they can send SMS to receive their mileage balances via SMS . THY sends program related announcements to the members' e-mail addresses.
Related announcements are also made at Members are responsible for following up these announcements. Members should advise THY regarding the change of postal and e-mail addresses. THY is not liable in the case members do not update their personal information and addresses and therefore not receiving the information documents. THY reserves the right to announce the required information only via e-mail or on Miles&Smiles website and not to announce with written documents. Members are considered to accept the program participation announcements and their mileage information if they do not object in 3 weeks as of the announcement date. Members cannot request compensation for any damages caused by undelivered Miles&Smiles documents .



3.10 Amendment on records: Turkish Airlines is solely liable for evaluating the objections regarding the program participation and mileage account, for determining the miles a passenger has qualified and reserves the right to cancel these miles if they are considered to be registered incorrectly. THY reserves the right to demand a refund of all miles mistakenly credited to and used by any member and the right to take legal action for compensation of such mileage if and when necessary.






4.1 Award Types: The awards offered under the Miles&Smiles program consist of Award tickets, Companion Tickets, Upgrades and arrangements defined by Turkish Airlines. (Only award tickets can be obtained online. Companion tickets and upgrades cannot be booked online.) On-line upgrade is permitted on Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance member airlines flights only on specific  booking classes. The Star Alliance mileage table is considered for the on-line upgrade (Star Alliance Upgrade Award).



4.2 Award MileageTables: Tables describing the awards offered and the number of miles needed to acquire them are available at Miles&Smiles Call Centre and at our web site. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to alter these tables with reasonable advance notice.



4.3 Use of Awards: To receive awards, Members can make the relevant bookings online, via Turkish Airlines Sales Offices, Call Center  or travel agent according to their preference. If the Member has made a reservation for the flight (or service) without clearly stating that such a reservation is of a Miles&Smiles award nature, a revenue ticket reservation can be made instead of award.


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4.4 Restrictions of Miles&Smiles Awards: Awards may be subject to certain capacity controls or other restrictions such as blackout periods  as determined by Turkish Airlines. Various  regulation changes may  take place  concerning   the  process of earning certain awards and  their usage.
Miles&Smiles programme rules are applied on the Miles&Smiles award tickets issued for other Star Alliance member airlines flights or combined with Star Alliance member airlines flights, unless otherwise indicated.



4.5 THY’s regulations for General Conditions Of Carriage of Passengers and Baggage:Travel on Turkish Airlines and on other Star Alliance carriers will be subject to the appropriate carrier's standard conditions of carriage.



4.6 Requesting Awards For Other Persons: Miles&Smiles awards may be assigned to any private individual, provided that the Member does not receive anything in return (in terms of money or in other form).



4.7 The Issue of Award Tickets: The award can be issued only if the requested award exists and the member has enough miles in his/her account for the requested award. Issued awards expire within one year after issuance and cannot be transferred, replaced and/or extended, also cannot be combined with any other means of payment.



4.8 Mileage Transfer:Miles&Smiles miles may not be transferred to other persons or Members and may not be combined with those of other Miles&Smiles Members to obtain a single award (except the “Family membership” application for Elite Plus members)
Miles registered on a Miles&Smiles account cannot be transfered to and/or combined with those credited in other frequent flyer program account.






5.1 The issuance of an award ticket:Miles&Smiles award tickets  can be  issued  from  any  Turkish Airlines Sales Offices  or from our web site using the TBO (Ticket by office) or TOD (ticket on departure) options. Award tickets can also be issued as e-tickets. Miles&Smiles award tickets can be issued by travel agents.Upon this application which is valid only for domestic flights, Miles&Smiles frequent flyer programme members are able to get our authorized agents to issue an award ticket on domestic flights of Turkish Airlines and Anadolujet. Domestic/İnternational companıon and upgrade awards are excluded for this application and changes like refund mileage, rebooking/rerouting shall not be made by authorized agents. Furthermore, agents will be able to issue an award ticket if the reservation is for member’s own. Miles&Smiles program rules and conditions are applied for all award tickets that are issued by authorized agents.



5.2 Award tickets are  not considered for mileage earning: Travels  with award tickets and  any other award services do not earn any mileage.



5.3 The necessary amount of mileage for award tickets: The necessary amount of mileage  must be present in the member's account in order to request award ticket. Award tickets cannot be issued  if  there is  insufficient  mileage in  the  member's  account. The number of miles required to qualify for award tickets is  identical  for adults and children. Award tickets cannot be issued for children under the age of 2.


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5.4 Validity of award tickets: Validity of award tickets expire at the end of one year after the date of issue. No reservation change or mileage refund can be applied to the expired award tickets. Additionally, these tickets cannot be transferred and/or their validity cannot be extended or combined with any other means of payment. Miles& Smiles Program miles may not be transferred to other persons or members or may not be pooled with those of the other members to obtain a single award.



5.5 The reservation class for award tickets :  Award ticket reservation should only be booked and confirmed in the award class. Award tickets cannot be issued in cases where the reservation is not  confirmed  and such tickets are issued for round-trips only.  Online award ticket reservation  is  allowed minimum 3 hours and maximum 355 days prior to departure for TOD application. If TBO option is selected, the award ticket reservation is allowed minimum 48 hours and maximum 40 days prior to departure. Award tickets cannot be issued  open. Ticketing must be done in accordance with normal ticketing time limits. 



5.6 The miles to be considered for award ticket issuance : There are two types of award tickets in  the  Miles&Smiles Program which are called  ''Capacity Controlled Award Tickets'' and '' Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets''.


5.6.1 Limited seat capacity for ‘’capacity controlled award tickets’’ : The reservation can only be made if and when the respective classes are available. The related reservation classes concerning the “capacity controlled award tickets” are: X for Economy Class, Z for Comfort Class,  and I for Business Class. The required miles for ''Capacity Controlled Award Tickets'' are lower than the required miles for '' Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets''. The usage of award tickets depends solely on seat capacity limits and the use of award tickets may not be possible for some specific destinations and seasons. The award ticket issued combined with Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance member airlines can be booked on Capacity Controlled award ticket booking classes only. For the combined award tickets, the Star Alliance award table and the Star Alliance award regulations are applied. “Capacity Controlled Award Tickets” may be subject to certain capacity controls or other restrictions such as blackout periods as determined by Turkish Airlines. Blackout-date is applied on certain Star Alliance member airlines.


5.6.2 There is no seat limitation for  ‘Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets’:  Members travelling with “Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets” shall be treated as a regular passenger traveling with a revenue ticket as long as the flight is open for revenue sales. The required mileage amount for “seat guaranteed award tickets” may vary due to travel dates, either in high or low season. You can find detailed information concerning the high season periods according to the award regions at The reservation classes are X (for Economy Class), Z (for  Comfort Class) and I (for Business Class) for the Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets.

The award classes mentioned above (X, Z, I) may vary and Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes on the related classes.


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5.7 The right to make changes on Award ticket application and the awards are not considered for mileage earning and the other restrictions

  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes on Award ticket, Companion Ticket and Upgrade award charts.
  • Flights  with award tickets and  any other award services do not earn any mileage.
  • Award tickets may subject to date, capacity, route and other restrictions to be determined by Turkish Airlines.
  • Award tickets should be issued immediately after the reservation is confirmed. Award tickets cannot be upgraded.
  • Maximum 6 flight segments are permitted for the online electronic award tickets.
  • The same destination airport should not appear more than once in either of the outbound and inbound sections of the itinerary.
  • One stopover is permitted for award tickets to be used on Turkish Airlines flights; however, stopover is not permitted for the online electronic award. The stopover rule may vary on Star Alliance member airlines. Detailed information can be found at
  • Award tickets can be used on Turkish Airlines' scheduled flights only.
  • Online award ticket bookings are permitted only for Turkish Airlines flights. Turkish Airlines combined tickets with partner airlines cannot be booked online.
  • Companion tickets and upgrades cannot be booked online (except the Star Alliance Upgrade Award).
  • Miles&Smiles members can request award tickets for their relatives or any other individuals via our web site by spending miles from their account provided that they are traveling together. This procedure is limited for a maximum of 5 persons. Miles&Smiles card holders do not have to take place on this reservation.


5.8 Open Jaw on award tickets: In case of returning from another point instead of the arrival point, the departure and return points must be the same or in case of returning to another point instead of the departure point, Miles&Smiles member must return from the same arrival point. When using the award tickets on flights of Turkish Airlines ,only one open jaw is permitted; however,  open jaw is not allowed for the online award tickets. 


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5.9 In case members do not proceed to the flight or do not present the necessary documents: A no-show fee will be charged  when  the Member holding confirmed seat fails to present himself/herself for his/her booked flight due to any reason or fails to present the necessary documents for the flight (no-show/off-load). 



5.10    The delivery of online award tickets:  Online award ticket deliveries are available in two different ways for the reservations made via internet.


5.10.1  Ticket on Departure (TOD): This procedure enables the member to pick up his/her award ticket from the airport sales office of Turkish Airlines. The related mileage is deducted from the member's account  following the confirmation of the online reservation. Further  details for this application can be found at


5.10.2  Ticket by Office (TBO):  This procedure enables the member to book his award ticket online. After the online booking is confirmed, the award ticket can be issued at any Turkish Airlines Sales Office and the related mileage is deducted from the member's account at time of the ticket issuance. Further  details for this  application can be found at


5.11    Electronic award ticket: Miles&Smiles members may  book  their e-tickets  online and proceed directly to the check-in desk without a paper ticket at hand. The credit card that was used for payment during the online booking and a valid identity card must be presented  during check-in. The  necessary  mileage  is  deducted from the member's account following the confirmation of the online reservation. 


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5.12 Transaction Fees: Changes  to  flight times and/or travel dates, re-routing (which can be applied only on Turkish Airlines flights provided that the reservation is made for the same award zone, season and award class) of an award ticket, Companion Ticket or an Upgrade reservations and re-crediting of miles for unused Award tickets or Companion Tickets (i.e. tickets on which neither the outward nor the return coupon has been used) are subject to a handling fee. All changes to flight times and/or travel dates, re-routing, no-show and other situations considered as no-show  after the mileage deduction for TOD, TBO and electronic award tickets are subject to a handling fee as well. Current transaction fees are published on Miles&Smiles regular communication media  and  they  can be requested from any Sales Offices of Turkish Airlines or Miles&Smiles Call Centre or can be obtained at . Handling fee  amounts  may be changed by Turkish Airlines at any time with  prior  advance notice. Any changes to the itinerary or re-routing after the award has been issued can only be made at Turkish Airlines Sales Offices. Changes to the award tickets and mileage refund cannot be done where no Turkish Airlines Sales Office is located.






6.1 Tier Memberships: In addition to the awards listed in Section 4 above, Miles&Smiles Members have the possibility of qualifying to Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus / Miles&Smiles memberships, and thereby enjoying further benefits (depending on the membership status) as defined by Turkish Airlines.



6.2 The miles to be considered for tier status:For Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus tiers, the miles earned on Turkish Airlines scheduled international and domestic flights and the flights of Star Alliance member airlines shall count in membership threshold calculations.
These miles will be separately listed as Status Miles on the Mileage Summary sent to Miles&Smiles Members. (Status Miles count towards membership in the Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus/ Miles&Smiles and for the award system defined in Section 4 above; Bonus Miles, on the other hand, may only be used to obtain awards, and do not count towards Classic Plus, Elite, Elite Plus/ Miles&Smiles membership.)



6.3Conditions of tier memberships: To qualify for Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus /Miles&Smiles Memberships, Members must collect a minimum number of program miles within 12 consecutive months. For re-qualification, the Status Miles collected either within the first year or within 2 years of the membership are considered. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change these minimum requirements with reasonable advance notice. 


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7.1 Taxes and other charges: Turkish Airlines accepts no liability for any taxes or other charges to which Members or third parties may be subject in connection with benefits obtained under the Miles&Smiles program.


7.2 Confidentiality: Turkish Airlines Inc. has the right to use the member information within the context of the Frequent Flyer Program and/or share it with the Program Partners. With the commencement of the membership, the member is deemed to accept the above.



7.3 Liability: Members are solely responsible for fully informing any third parties or companies (such as their employer) who have paid for tickets or other services, for which program miles have been credited as the benefits of Miles&Smiles program.



7.4 Local Law: In some countries, local law may impose restrictions on the general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program. Turkish Airlines is entitled to take any action required to ensure compliance with such restrictions, and may not be held liable for compensatory damages by Members as a result of such actions.



7.5 Abuse of Program Awards: Miles&Smiles Classic, Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus members who contravene the general terms and conditions of Miles&Smiles membership, misuse program awards or attempt to obtain benefits by providing false information (especially with regard to flight data), may-in addition to any compensatory damages which may arise from such actions-have their Miles&Smiles membership terminated by Turkish Airlines (as specified in 1.4), and have any miles and/or awards already obtained declared invalid. Member must pay a compensation for the award misued  that is the highest fee of the revenue ticket equavalent of the award. THY reserves the right to indemnify the remainder damages.



7.6 Contravention of the General Terms and Conditions: Any award documents obtained illegally or in contravention of these general terms and conditions will not be honoured.


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7.7 THY’s right to change the program and renunciation of awards, and restriction of responsibility: Turkish Airlines reserves the right to wholly or partially change or to terminate the Miles&Smiles program and/or any collaboration with partners under the Miles&Smiles program at any time, with reasonable advance notice. Any amendments or additions to the general terms and conditions of the Miles&Smiles program shall become binding for all Members as soon as the related information is announced at any sales office of Turkish Airlines, Miles&Smiles Call Centre, at Miles&Smiles web site or on the Mileage Statements sent to the members by e-mail. Therefore, collected mileage or awards shall not constitute a vested interest. Turkish Airlines does not guarantee the availability of the awards or  requirement for same number of miles for same awards or right of using the   awards for the  flights chosen by the Member. THY has the sole and exclusive power over  Miles&Smiles program. In case of THY's granting of periodical awards or other practices contrary to the principles of the program or granting of additional periodical rights or failure or delay by THY in exercising any of its rights under the program or requring the member's compliance with any of program conditions or shall not be construed as a waiver of power over the program or right to require member's compliance with any of the rules that he/she is bound with nor such exceptional practice shall be deemed to have granted the member  or other persons with additional rights or amended the  program principles or constitute a precedent for similar practices.  

Limitation of liability rules in THY's General Conditions of Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) shall apply for this program as well.  In case of breach of program conditions, liability shall be limited to direct material damages, THY shall not be held liable for moral damages or indirect damages.



7.8 THY’s right to entrust the program: Turkish Airlines reserves the right to entrust the operation of the Miles&Smiles program to successor companies (in the event of corporate restructuring of their own organisations) or to a third party, and to transfer the agreements made with the program's Members to such successor companies or to a third party to that end. Members will be given reasonable notice of any such development.





The contractual relation between the Members and Turkish Airlines as well as these general terms and conditions are governed by Turkish Law.
The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any claims resulting from or raised in relation with the Membership to the Miles&Smiles program or in relation with these general terms and conditions shall be Istanbul Courts and Execution offices. Turkish Airlines reserves, however, the right to sue at any other competent court within a jurisdiction.


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