Self Check - in

1. What is Self Check-in ?

It is an check-in application which provides our passenger’s getting their boarding passes through KIOSK machines...

2. Who can use Self Check-in ?

Only electronic ticketed passengers can use Self Check-in service

3. Which stations are available for Self Check-in?

For domestic stations;  İstanbul (Atatürk Airport and  Sabiha Gökçen Airport), ) / İzmir / Antalya / Dalaman / Bodrum / Ankara / Adana / Gaziantep / Samsun / Trabzon / Konya / Kayseri  Self-check-in can be done through KIOSK machines in the domestic terminals.
For international terminals ; Copenhagen, Cenevre, Zurich,  Amsterdam,  Stutgart,  Frankfurt,  Birmingham, Vienna,  Nurnberg, Manchester, Athens, Capetown, Johannesburg, Chicago, Prague, Madrid, Budapest, Nice, Lisbon, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Brussels, Oslo,  Stokholm Self-check-in application is available..
It will become widespread in domestic and international terminals in a short term...

4. How can Self Check-in be done?

KIOSK machines has been designed by touching the screens with the help of the simple menu. Check-in process starts with placing the Miles&Smiles card or any credit/debit card to the reader also by means of entering electronic ticket or reservation number(PNR) by choice . Both Miles&Smiles card and any credit/debit card will be used identification purposes only . Process will be completed  system’s printing boarding pass after seat selection….

5. What is the earliest and the latest time for Self Check-in?

Our passengers are going to be able to complete their “Self Check-in” procedures starting from 12 hours to departure and up to for Domestic flights 45 minutes, for International flights 60 minutes  according to their flight time.

6. What if I have a baggage to be checked-in?

Passengers without baggage, can directly proceed to the boarding gate with their boarding passes produced by the Self Check-in kiosk. Passengers with baggage, can go to a dedicated bag drop, where the baggage will be tagged by a customer service agent and sent to the aircraft.

7. What if I have a connecting flight?

Passengers without baggage are going to be able to make “Return Check-in” if they have a return flight with in the same day. This application also allows passengers with or without baggage to make “Through Check-in” till the last destination in domestic flights.

8. Can I also make Self Check-in for the people that I am travelling with?

At most eight people can be Self checked-in at once in the group PNRs. If there are more than eight people in the PNR then all passengers can be checked-in with in the groups of eight.

9. When should I be at the boarding gate after Self Check-in?

To ensure the on time departure of the flight, boarding ends 15 minutes before departure time.