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Our sponsorships




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Turkish Airlines Open

This competition carries a $7 million prize and has enjoyed title sponsorship from Turkish Airlines since 2013. Taking place in Antalya, the Turkish Airlines Open is one of the most important legs of the Race to Dubai final series organized by European Tour. In the past three years, the Turkish Airlines Open has attracted some of the world’s best players to Belek - it was joined by the champion of 14 major tournaments, Tiger Woods, in 2013, by world-famous golfers Sergio Garcia and Martin Kaymer in 2014, and by Rory Mcllroy, winner of 4 majors, in 2015. The French player, Victor Dubuisson, was the winner in 2013 and 2015, with the American golfer, Brooks Koepka, winning in the intervening year. Following our agreement with the Turkish Golf Federation in 2015, our partnership is now set to continue until 2018.

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Turkish Airlines Ladies Open

At Turkish Airlines, we make an important contribution to promoting and popularizing golf in Turkey. We continue to be both the main and title sponsor for the Turkish leg of the Ladies Open Golf Tournament. The Turkish Airlines Ladies Open Golf Tournament takes place every May in Antalya’s Belek district with the participation of over 130 professional female golfers from almost 30 countries. The tournament attracts more golfers every year due to its growing popularity.

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Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup

The Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series began in 2013 as a worldwide amateur golf tournament. The TAWGC is one of the most extensive amateur golf tournaments in the world, hosted in 100 cities and almost 60 countries. The regional finalists gather for the grand final in Antalya, every year, in October-November.

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Turkish Airlines Challenge

We also maintain our support for golf with the Turkish leg of the European Challenge tour - the Turkish Airlines Challenge golf tournament.




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Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Turkish Airlines continues it support for one of the most important women’s tennis tournaments, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix.




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Turkey National Football A Team

The importance we place on sport in Turkey is exemplified by the support we have provided to one of Turkish sport’s most valued organizations, The Turkish Football Federation, since 2008.

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We are the first official airline sponsor of the European Football Championships, which will take place this year for the 15th time. It will be held in France with the participation of 24 teams, including the Turkey National Football A Team. It is the world’s second biggest sporting event and the biggest in Europe.

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Fenerbahçe Sports Club

As main transport sponsor, we support one of Turkey’s largest sports clubs, Fenerbahçe Sports Club. Fenerbahçe’s football, basketball and volleyball teams fly in Turkish Airlines comfort.

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Beşiktaş Sports Club

We have stood side by side with Beşiktaş Gymnastic Club, one of Turkey’s largest sports clubs, for many years. In our role as sponsors, we try with all our might to transport Beşiktaş Gymnastic Club’s football, basketball and volleyball players from success to success.

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Galatasaray Sports Club

As Main Transport Sponsor, we provide transport support to Galatasaray Sports Club, carrying the club’s male and female football, basketball and volleyball players along the road to victory.

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As Turkish Airlines, we are sponsors for Bursaspor, one of our countries leading clubs. We are extremely pleased to be supporting Bursaspor, who have achieved significant success in recent years.

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Olympique de Marseille

France is one of our most important markets and, as well as flying to six different destinations, we have signed a sponsorship deal with one of the country’s most established clubs, Olympique de Marseille. Our sponsorship for Olympique de Marseille, which has won more cups than any other French team, is an important step in reaching France’s football-loving public.

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We are proud to be Main Transport Sponsor for Trabzonspor, Turkey’s most successful Anatolian club. In the course of our sponsorship duties, we make sure that Trabzonspor travels in Turkish Airlines comfort.

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FK Sarajevo

Turkish Airlines is the 2015-16 kit sponsor for FK Sarajevo, one of the most established and prestigious clubs in Bosnia-Herzegovina.




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Turkey National Basketball A Team

As one of basketball’s major sponsors, Turkish Airlines has taken on the main sponsorship of the pride of Turkey - the National Basketball A Team. With the help of our many years of sponsorship, the National Basketball A Team, which is second in the world, will continue to fly from success to success with Turkish Airlines.

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Turkish Airlines Japan Professional Basketball League

As well as holding an important place in our flight network, Japan also shares some mutual historical values with us. As a result of this title sponsorship deal, Turkish Airlines has secured visibility at all basketball matches played in the country for two seasons. The Turkish Airlines logo will feature on the kit of all 22 teams in the league, on LED display screens at match venues, as well as scoreboards, billboards and other prominent places.

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Turkish Airlines Euroleague

Turkish Airlines was the Euroleague title sponsor for the first time in the Paris quarter finals in 2010 and later signed a 5-year title sponsorship deal with Euroleague. Following a new agreement in 2013, the tournament will retain the name Turkish Airlines Euroleague until 2020. Euroleague has been running since 2000 and is the highest level tier in European club basketball. Twenty-four European teams compete in the tournament, which includes a total of almost 250 matches every year.




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European Professional Club Rugby

We continue to invest in activities across a variety of sporting fields in order to promote our brand worldwide. As part of this aim, we have signed a 3-year deal as main sponsors of the European Rugby Champions Cup and the European Rugby Challenge Cup.




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Lena Aylin Erdil

As the world’s fastest growing airline, we have been supporting one of Turkey’s shining windsurfing stars, Lena Aylin Erdil, since 2008 and continue to do so.

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Enes Yılmazer

From 2012 onwards, we have been supporting Enes Yılmazer, the young and successful Turkish windsurfer who has competed in three world championships.




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Şahika Ercümen

We stand behind Şahika Ercümen, who has broken numerous world records whilst amassing over 100 medals and cups, in swimming and underwater sports competitions, since 1998.



Other sponsorship activities

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Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

We are the main sponsors for the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, which takes place with the participation of almost 150 cyclists and is broadcast live in 100 countries. We will continue our support for the event in future years.

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Istanbul Marathon

We are the transport sponsor for the Istanbul Marathon, one of the world’s most important marathons, and give a great deal of support for efforts to elevate the event into the higher echelons of world marathon running




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Chio Aachen Equestrian Festival

We have been sponsors of Chio Aachen, one of the most famous equestrian festivals in the world, since 2014. The event has been held in Germany since 1924 and includes the equestrian sports of jumping, dressage, eventing, four-in-hand driving and vaulting.