Security Policy

Turkish Airlines hereby declares its Security Policy to ensure security and the constant improvement of operational conditions during the course of its activities. These include passenger transportation, cargo transportation, and training conducted according to national and international regulations and standards.

To Ensure Operational Security

Turkish Airlines develops and implements processes to prevent acts of unlawful interference that may occur on the ground or during flights and establishes security objectives and security performance standards. While implementing these processes, Turkish Airlines provides a periodic policy review to ensure continuing relevance to organizational needs and to the requirements of security performance standards.

Management of Security-Related Activities

Turkish Airlines ensures a clear statement of the organization's security objectives and the measures taken in order to conform to security regulations. It executes its corporate security management system to provide security to all its activities with constant improvement.

To Determine Security Responsibilities

Turkish Airlines determines the responsibilities of its employees regarding security-related issues and ensures a commitment to security from senior management as a fundamental priority throughout the organization.

To Identify Security Vulnerabilities and Risks

Turkish Airlines provides assistance to all its employees to identify and prevent vulnerabilities and risks that may occur as a result of the interaction between people, machines, the environment and duties.

To Provide the Highest Level of Communication

Turkish Airlines promotes a just culture where the flow of information and communication is carried out objectively between senior management and the employees in order to support all activities. Communication should be executed in a secure manner, including non-punitive reporting procedures to encourage the reporting of any inadvertent human error.

To Establish and Promote a Corporate Security Culture

Turkish Airlines ensures that all necessary arrangements are made to establish and improve a “Corporate Security Culture”. It promotes activities to increase security awareness and to make security an integral part of the corporate management system.

To Provide Necessary Resources for Security

Turkish Airlines ensures the provision of the resources necessary for the successful implementation of the security policy.