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Benghazi plane ticket

City Guide : Benghazi

Libya’nın en yoğun nüfuslu ikinci kenti Bingazi, aynı zamanda Doğu Libya’nın da başkenti. Libya’nın batısı Mağribin, diğer bir deyişle Kuzeybatı Afrika kentlerinin havasını taşırken Bingazi, Ortadoğu havasına sahip bir kent görünümünde.

Sidra Körfezi’ne kurulmuş Bingazi kentinin dört yanı parklar ve göllerle donanmış. Sayıları Trablus’taki kadar olmasa da yetmişli yıllardan kalma beton binalar yine de dikkat çekiyor.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The must-see locations of the city can be listed as Al Muntazah Park, the zoo, Al Funduq Market, and magnificient archaeological sites. Government buildings, hotels, and even ordinary houses have a unique architectural characteristic here.

    The rather beautiful beaches of the city can be considered as another valuable aspect adding to its charm.

    The people of Benghazi are quite hospitable; however it needs to be mentioned that the number of English-speaking residents is not high. A site which we are used to seeing only in marketplaces is a commonality of streets and public places of Benghazi: people are loud while speaking to one another. These voices that resonate with yelling and shouting may be a little uncomfortable at first for visitors from places such as Europe and America.

    If you are in Benghazi on a tourist visa, it is advisable to have your passport approved by the hotel you are staying and making your accomodation information official for the police and similar security check points. If you wish to go outside of the city and see the historical sites, again, all you have to do is to obtain authorization papers from the tourist bureau.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Public parks and recreational areas have increased the amount of natural areas per person in the city. Al-Buduzeera can be considered as one of the largest and most famous natural parks.

    Al-Fuwayhat Park, which was designed as a zoo, is also known as “Al-Bosco”-a name with Italian origin that dates from the occupation times. In addition to big cats, wild animals, elephants, and birds; a section which you can tour with electric transportation was added to the park in the 1980s.

    23rd of July Park, located on Gamal Abdel Nasser Street across from Tibesti Hotel, was designed as a water park. As people do not work on Fridays, all the parks are full on Thursday nights. Another recreational area to visit is Al-Buduzira Park located on Al-Uruba Street in the Al-Kwayfiya region of North Benghazi. 

  • Food & Drink

    Spices hold a very important place in Libyan cuisine. Kabobs, very spicy potato dishes, salad, and kous kous can be listed as examples of traditional Libyan dishes.

    There are great restaurants in the city serving different from western dishes. You can find restaurants that serve Turkish dishes for reasonable prices behind Tibesti Hotel.

  • Shopping

    Local shopping is available only in the Libyan dinar, together with currency exchange available in exchange offices in big hotels. It is important to mention that these offices are open only until 3 PM. Credit cards are accepted in only a few select locations.

    If you prefer international brands for shopping, you should go to Dubai Street where stores such as Benetton, Nike, Celio, Adidas, and Puma are located.

Route Map: London – Benghazi Flight

Ticket Sales Offices : Benghazi

Turkish Airlines Sales Office - Benghazi
Phone 218-61-9098732 / 218-61-4728690
Fax 218-61-9098733
Work Hours

Friday: Closed - Other Days: 09:00-17:30

Address P.O. Box 752, Ahmed Sahwezi Str., Tripoli Libya
Phone +218 91 218 85 52
Work Hours  
Address Shuhadda Al Nofleyeen, Central Tripoli, Libya
Phone +218 92 47 10 225
Work Hours  
  • Benghazi : Airport Information

    Benina Intl. Airport

    Address : Benghazi - Benina International Airport Box 1, Benghazi, LIBYAN SOC PEOPLES´ ARAB JAMAHIRIYA
    Phone : +218 (0)61 97147
  • Benghazi : Airport Map Information

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Area : 43,535 km²
Population : 1.470.987
Monetary Unit : Libyan Dinar
Phone Code : 00 218 61
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