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City Guide : Erbil

Evergreen valleys, hills upon where there is always snow, rocks with waterfalls within, and the Great Zab… These are only a few of Erbil’s untouched natural beauties. Erbil, one of the oldest cities in Mesopotamia, has a history of 6 thousand years. It is also the center of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region. Together with Suleymaniyah and Duhok, it is one of the important locations of the autonomous region. Erbil, approximately 80 km east of Mosul, is located 350 km north of the capital city, Baghdad. It would not be wrong to say that Erbil is a city on the rise. The city, which was going through a difficult phase up until recently, is turning into a point of attraction from an economic standpoint. The thousands of years old fertility, brought to the area by the Great Zab, comes together with the opportunities that the new form of government offers to the city today.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    where there were neither roads nor water. Wide and spiral-shaped roads now cover the city completely. Palm trees were planted in places where there used be eucalyptus trees. Thus, the streets of Erbil are being transformed into the image of Mediterranean coastal towns.

    The historical center of the city of Erbil was built within a citadel on top of a hill. Sumerians, Asyrrians, Babylonians, Sasanians, Persians, Seljuks, Arabs, and Ottomans are only some of the secret civilizations buried within the layers of this mound. As a result of this region being continously used as the center of daily life, it was not possible for the potential ruins in the region to be excavated. However, upon UNESCO’s interference with the support of the local government, a renovation and evacuation project is currently being implemented with the purpose of protecting the region. This is why there is limitations on where guests are allowed around the citadel. In addition, guests are not allowed in areas where there is danger of walls collapsing. Despite all that, this area could be the starting point for a visit. In this part of the city, there are hundreds of houses built randomly around each other. When looked upon from any terrace, all sides of the city can be seen.

    The citadel, the sole protector of the old city, sometimes reaches 30 meters in height. The area where the old city was in within the citadel is approximately 110 thousand square meters. This whole area was split into three boroughs called Topkhana, Serai, and Takya. Houses were built adjacent to the walls or by cutting through them and building balconies, windows, or rooms. It is an interesting fact that Mulla Effendi Mosque, built within the citadel, is the only place of worship in this historical area. While the borough of Serai was populated by important families, Takya (Tekke) used to be the home of dervishes for years. The other group of people made up of craftsmen and farmers, on the other hand,  used to live in Topkhana. Among places located in this area, a Turkish bath dating back to 1775 and Textile Museum are worth a visit.
    People of Erbil head to parks on Friday, as it is a holiday for Muslims. Shanidar Park and Art Gallery is one of these locations. This area, designed as a permanent exhibition area, was modeled after a cave. The park was decorated with an artificial waterfall, inner texture, stalactites, satalagmited in an effort to make it true to form. In spite of all that, it has the appearance of an entertainment facility usually frequented by kids.

    Minarets are generally what stand out in the city at first glance. The Mudhafaria Minaret- also known as Chory Minaret which was built on an octagonal base was built by the order of the Turkish sultan Muzaffar Al-Din Abu Sa’eed Al-Kawkaboori who ruled the region in the 12th century. This area was also organized as a park. In order to reach this area, you can go through the wide intersection of the city walls in the southwest part.

    Right next to the main entrance to the citadel, Qaysari Bazaars which is designed as an indoors marketplace. The word “Qaysari” which means that the marketplace is indoors, here. Household items make up the product variety sold in the marketplace.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    If you were to follow the neighborhoods towards the airport, you will have reached the Sami Abdurrahman Park. This area built around a lake is a meeting point where the people of Erbil can spend a pleasant time with their families. There are playgrounds for kids and green areas suitable for strolls. The park is so large that no matter how crowded it is, it appears calm and quiet upon entrance. Guests can also take advantage of restaurants, cafes, and shopping areas here.

    Museum of Civilization, located on the Mound of Qalich Agha, must be included in the list of places to see. In this museum, on Sharawany Street 1 km from the historical city walls, you can see the artifacts and tools used by people who lived in 5 thousand BC. Also, Ary Kon –a small archeological site to the west of the citadel- can be seen.
  • Food & Drink

    Jalil Khayat Mosque, a recent Islamic work of art, is a must-see. Although the appearance of it is thought of as similar to the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet) of Istanbul, it is impossible for a person who has seen both of them to agree with that notion. Although it has turquoise colored lines, Jalil Khayat is a place of worship that has more Iranian characteristics. The area surrounding the mosque is, again, worth a visit.
  • Shopping

    The city has started undergoing a major change starting from 2006. Developments, which used to be a dream, took place in a very short while. Plazas, shopping malls, and business towers rise in areas,
Route Map: London – Erbil Flight

Arbil Route Opens

The inaugural flight on the aircraft Safranbolu took off from Istanbul at 9:30 a.m. and landed in Arbil at 11:30. Present on the flight were Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek, Energy and Natural Resources Undersecretary Metin Kilci and Turkish Airlines’ Board Chairman Hamdi Topçu as well as a large number of businessmen and members of the press.

Speaking at the ceremony in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil, Şimşek said, “The Turkish and Kurdish people have been together for a thousand years. Nobody can break up our brotherhood.” In a talk he gave at the ceremony, Turkish Airlines’ Board Chairman Hamdi Topçu pointed out that Arbil is the airline’s 135th destination abroad and is now linked via Istan

Routes opening in April
Routes slated to open in May
Selanik/Thessalonikibul to 1,200 points around the world through the Star Alliance Group.

Ticket Sales Offices : Erbil

Address Gulan Street Ster Tower Floor 4 ERBIL
Phone +964 750 819 0220 / +964 750 819 0330
Work Hours

09:00 /17:00 Friday: Closed

GSA TK Sales Office - Erbil
Address Shoresh Steet Near to Mega Mall
Phone +964 750 767 0300 / +964 750 719 0330 / +964 750 323 90 30
Work Hours

09:00 /24:00 Friday: Closed

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    Erbil Airport

    Address : Erbil International Airport
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