Miles & Smiles members meet another new and mighty program partner in health sector.

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, offers special advantages and many more miles opportunities to all members.

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, has been serving as a strong and reliable representative of health care sector in Turkey since 2006, the year it’s established.

Hospital, provides modern comprehensive and reliable health services not only from Turkey, but also from Northern Europe and the Balkans, Azerbaijan, the Baltic Republics and the Arabian Peninsula, at JCI (Joint Commission International Accreditation) quality standards.

As well as it’s qualified Medical Applications, by means of nursing services which the caring services are provided with accomplishment and expertise, support staff who reinforce their specialties with in-service trainings and modern technology, the hospital consistently provides high quality and comprehensive health care services.

Advantages and Conditions: 

All branches that you receive service in our hospital; without differentiating Classic, Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus Cards

  • You can earn the same amount of miles for your medical expenses at 200 TL and more,
  • For our members patients who have Private Health Insurance have the opportunity to earn double miles from the patient share which they pay.
  • For treatment costs that requires hospitalization of our customers who have Private Health Insurance, the opportunity to earn miles as the same amount of invoice.
  • In addition all members will be provided %10 discount.
  • %10 discount opportunity and miles earning opportunities are valid for payments either in cash or with credit card.
  • Card holders will earn miles for all health expenses they made for their first degree relatives; mother, father, sibling, spouse and children.

To earn miles, the only thing you need is to show Miles & Smiles Card to our Patient Representatives at the checkout.

For more information please visit Hisar Intercontinental Hospital’s web page prepared specially for Miles & Smiles members.

Contact Information:
Call center : 444 5 888