A Lasting Contribution To Cinema

Robert Bresson’s Notes on the CInematographer appeared recently In Küre Yayınları’s cInema series, Hayal Perdesi.

We held a mini interview with Celil Civan, editor of the e-zine counterpart of the cinema magazine published by Hayal Perdesi, which also broadcasts as a web portal. (Hayal Perdesi, loosely ‘Dream Curtain’, refers to the screen used in traditional Turkish Karagöz shadow puppet theater.)

Can you tell us briefly about the founding of your magazine?
The Hayal Perdesi Cinema Magazine started out in 2003 as a fanzine publishing the film reviews and class notes of a team called Hayal Perdesi Cinema Group which went around to workshops, film readings, and short film projects on behalf of the Science and Art Foundation.

What is the difference between Hayalperdesi.net and other cinema portals in Turkey?
We try to do a deeper reading of the films. On the website we make sure to include original interpretations as well as discussing the problems of the cinema sector.

What is the purpose of the Hayal Perdesi Library?
The purpose of the Library, as of the magazine, is to make contributions of lasting value to the body of film literature and to seek new approaches in film criticism.

Robert Bresson, who died in 1999 at the age of 98, is one of the most distinguished names in world cinema. During his long career as a director, he directed 14 films and made headlines with every one of them.

The Auteur Cinema series compiled by Hayal Perdesi’s writers is an invaluable reference for all cinema lovers.