Biennale Time On The Canals

One of the world’s leading plastic arts exhibitions, the Venice Biennale is coming to art lovers for the 55th time from June 1 to November 24.

Bringing together artists from many countries in the world, the event, which spreads all over Venice, is at the same time a magnet for tourists. Another special feature of the Biennale is that all art events in the city, including the Venice Film Festival, become part of the festivities for the duration.

Representing Turkey at this year’s Venice Biennale with a work called ‘Resistance’ is Ali Kazma, who is known especially for his videos and video installations. The Turkish Pavillion exhibition, curated by Emre Baykal, is being realized under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry and the Culture and Tourism Ministry with sponsorship by the Promotion Fund Board of the Prime Ministry and coordination by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. The Turkish Pavilion is in Artigliere dell’Arsenale, the Biennale’s main exhibition space. 

To find out about the events of the Venice Biennale, which starts in June and continues almost to year’s end: