Shades Of Anatolia In London

One of the UK’s most closely followed events, the Anatolian Cultural Fête is now in its seventh year.

A focus of growing interest since its inception, the Anatolian Cultural Fête is taking place this year at London’s Clissold Park, June 8 to 16, with Turkish Airlines sponsorship.

Welcoming 50,000 visitors on average each year, the festival features numerous events and performances showcasing the Anatolian region and culture. Besides sampling the tasty dishes of Anatolian cuisine, visitors can take in a concert by an Ottoman marching band, see traditional Turkish theater plays, and follow oiled wrestling tournaments at the festival.

In addition to examples of classical Turkish arts like paper marbling, calligraphy and illumination, an exhibition of photographs of various spots around Turkey is also on in the Culture and Art Tents.