On The Ocean Shore

Lying on the coast of the Indian Ocean, the city of Mombasa in Kenya has played a major role in history.

Be sure to see the Ruins of Gedi, which are believed to date back to the 13th century. There are ruins of many structures from stone-built houses to a mosque in this ancient city in the jungle.

Examine the fascinating architecture of Fort Jesus, which was built for defensive purposes in the 16th century, and see the dig sites and the pottery left from the time when the city was a major trading center.

Pop into the souvenir shops in the old city center with its historic texture, and be sure to pick up a pair of Mombasa sandals.

Visit Khonzi Mosque, one of the city’s most prominent architectural monuments.

If you have time, visit the island of Avicennia off the south coast, which is covered with India rubber trees and surrounded by emerald green waters. 

Getting There
Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Mombasa-Istanbul flights six days  a week except Wednesdays.  For more information: www.turkishairlines.com